Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Bucket List

It's going to be October in a few days... OCTOBER!
I love October. Because October is fun and right behind it comes November and December- two of my other favorite months (For the record I also enjoy February and May). I have been thinking about things I want to do this fall and I'm so excited that it's here! I made this list on my phone originally so I could inform Devin of the things I wanted to do in the coming month (ha!)

#1. Have a pumpkin EVERYTHING party!

I am so excited about this. It's planned for next Wednesday and I can't wait! I have always wanted to do an all out pumpkin fest... and now it's happening. Stay tuned for that ;-)

#2. Go apple picking!

There is a local place that lets you pick your own apples! Devin said, "Yeah it's the grocery store." Party pooper. He won't be making that field trip but C and I still will because I have ALWAYS wanted to do it. 

#3. Hay ride!
I haven't been on a hay ride since college... and I fell off the wagon (don't ask). I'm hoping for a more fun and safer option this year with C. Devin is down for this one. P.S. I really miss going to the Avila Barn. If you go there have extra fun for me ok? 

#4. Corn maze!
I haven't ever done a corn maze. I have to admit I'm kind of freak out to do it but I feel like I just have to ya know? I think I might get lost. I have a terrible sense of direction. 

#5. Picnic!

I just want to find somewhere gorgeous and pack a nice lunch and eat it with my family. Simple- but it sounds like so much fun!

#6. Pumpkin patch!

We went to a pumpkin patch a little late in the game last year and ended up just getting our pumpkins at Walmart (can you blame us? They are cheap!) But this year Devin has promised to take us to the "pick your own" pumpkin patch. And I'm so excited! 

What's on your fall bucket list? 
What should I add to mine?
P.S. Have a fantastic weekend! I am looking forward to having my husband home and The General Relief Society Meeting (which I am planning on attending baby free!) 


bruny2104 said...

Mine is similar to yours. 1) Trip to the corn maze w/kiddos 2) Pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin and some amazing apple cider and apple cider donuts! 3) Head to this "haunted" Halloween trail that is really someone's backyard decorated in a Halloween theme. Pretty cute and fun!4) Take the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood. 5) Make lots of pumpkin roll desserts :-D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck on your fall list! I'm trying to get to a pumpkin patch!