Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Devin and I realized not too long ago that we have lived in this city for over a year and we haven't really done any exploring of it! Our excuse is that our schedules never matched up for us to have day's off today for the last year. So now that he has a more "normal" schedule we have vow to go out and do things! So one Saturday we were just hanging around the house and Devin said, "Let's get out and do something- why don't you look and see what's going on this weekend." Turns out the Nature and Science Museum was having a free day for military members and their family! SCORE! So we loaded up Charlotte and went! When we got there we found out that a lot of places (museums and such) have free day's throughout the year! And they aren't just for military members. They even give you a pamphlet with all the free days listed. We have them synced in our calendars so we know when they are coming up. So where ever you are try and find something cool you haven't done before! And see if you can do it for free! Seriously- it's awesome. I do have to say that if crowds aren't your thing then free day's might not be for you. We didn't really mind it since we have a noisy babe. So far we have done the Nature and Science Museum and the Art Museum... which it turns out taking a babbling baby to a SHHH SHHH art museum isn't the BEST idea in the world but she did great and we saw lots of cool stuff... although I have to admit I don't GET the art that looks like I did it in preschool... to each their own! But seriously, we are learning that while we can do EVERYTHING like we used to we can still DO stuff. It just takes a little more planning and good morning naps oh and a hooter hider because a fed baby is a happy baby. 

^^^ We are fans of dinosaurs

^^^Family photo! Look at how toasty Charlotte is! 

^^^ They had an age simulator... that's what Dev would look like at 75 if we were obese HAHA!


^^^I remember having one of these as a kid and LOVING IT! 

^^^Art Museum!

^^^C was getting a little fussy... Oops

We love getting out and experiencing this fun city!


Elisabeth @ Bella said...

looks like fun :)

and currently wearing white pj pants from someone almost two years ago :) :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I haven't seen that astronaut ice cream it years! I remember the ice cream sandwich and the strawberries you could get!