Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crush Confession Corner

I was watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt do a lip sync with Jimmy Fallon the other day and the thought went through my head, "That was a good crush I had." It got me thinking about all my other childhood crushes and from whence they came. So here are my crush confessions... In no particular order... 

#1. The HUMAN Casper
(Devon Sawa)

I can't tell you how many times I watched this movie. And how many times I wished that this cute boy would come down my stairs and dance with me. Plus his hair is awesome is it not? No clue if he was ever in anything else... 

#2. Yes... JTT
(or Johnathan Taylor Thomas)

Home Improvement... Man of the house... I'll be home for Christmas. This boy was beautiful (his boyfriend thought so too obviously). I even had JTT stickers in my pencil box in 5th grade... yes. 

#3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

One viewing of Angels in the Outfield and I was in love. I mean look at that face! And how cute that he prayed for the Angels to win. I really want him and Zooey Deschanel to get married. Because they are adorable together. 

#4. Brad Renfro 

If you ever saw "Tom and Huck" (With JTT OF COURSE!) then you know who Brad Renfro is. He was Huck. And if I couldn't have Tom then I definitely wanted Huck! It totally broke my heart to hear that he died a few years back :(

#5. Lance Bass

I remember watching my first N Sync concert on the Disney Channel. Immediately Lance was my favorite. I guess I have a thing for gay men. They are just pretty. I even rented that lame movie he was in. Has anyone else ever seen it? It was called "On the Line" if you're interested.

#6. Hottie combo from Hocus Pocus... Thackery Binx and Max Dennison
(Sean Murray and Omri Katz)

Let me just date myself a little here and say that I remember seeing this film in THEATERS and I had it on VHS! I still watch it every year. It's the best. And these dudes are so not as cute grown up (sorry guys!) Hence why I say JGL was a good choice.

#7. Prince William

Oh be still my beating heart. I loved Wills. I still adore him and I adore Kate Middleton. But honestly he was my first crush (now Harry is the cuter one-let's be honest). I was so convinced I would move to London and he would fall madly in love with me. I have a journal from when I was 11 (that my mom just mailed to me) and my 3 top wishes were 1. Move to London. 2. Become rich. 3. Marry Prince William. I even wrote him letters. I had a poster. And a whole book of photos my mom bought me. He is my #1 childhood crush (although he is 7 on this list). Not going to lie I still have a dream that me and Kate and Devin and Wills are destined to be friends... just sayin'. 

Who's your childhood crush/crushes??? I'm dying to know! Spill the beans! 


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

This list is dead on with mine! So funny :)

bruny2104 said...

Very similar to yours!! Except remove Lance Bass and add Chris O'Donnell. And David Charvet. And I never liked those guys much from Hocus Pocus, but I liked Michael Schoeffling from Sixteen Candles and Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken! I had A LOT of crushes!! A LOT! JTT--yeah, he never wrote me back...sigh! And Brad Renfro, was very sad when he died-right around the time Heath Ledger and President Hinckley died. That was like this terrible week back in Jan. 2008!

Megan said...

I practically could have written this post. #1- yes! #2-YES! My first celebrity crush. #3-I actually wasn't a big JGL fan and how could I forget he was in this movie! I watched it all the time. #4-Yes. Loved that movie! #5-I also liked Lance Bass. #6-yes! #7-yes, but I agree. He didn't age well.

I would add Leonardo DiCaprio- I was OBSESSED with him for a while; Nick Carter; and Rider Strong (from Boy Meets World)