Monday, September 16, 2013

Charlotte's Fall Clothing Haul

I love having a girl. I LOVE IT! Not that I wouldn't have loved having a boy... but God knows me and knew that I needed a little girl to dress up and be my partner in crime. One of the best parts about having a little girl is the clothing. Oh my goodness the clothing. So. Stinkin'. Cute. We have been extremely fortunate in many ways... I really haven't spent too much money on clothes for Charlotte. I bought her maybe 5 outfits before she was born? And she is almost 4 months old and we haven't spent a cent on diapers or wipes. All the credit for that goes to the amazing people who threw me baby showers... I had 3. WHO gets 3 baby showers? We are so thankful for that. Anyway I digress. When we were in CA there was no way we could NOT go shopping for my tiny little baby doll. Plus we went on Labor day weekend which meant SALES! We came home with one extra suitcase filled... mostly with stuff for Charlotte. Because she is what we call in my family a "S.R.B." which stands for "spoiled rotten baby" and I am just fine with that (and yes she got way more stuff than me-... and no this isn't all of it...)

Out fit #1. From Macy's HERE

I am obsessed with this little outfit. She has worn this twice already. I love her little booty in stripped leggings! And this floral top is oh so cute! She loves to pull at the pop out flowers. 

Outfit #2 from Macy's HERE

That little asymmetrical motorcycle jacket!!!! Ah! When I pulled that out of the suitcase Devin said, "That's cute!" So I know it's a winner! These little jean leggings are adorable in purple. Devin already tried to put her in them but he had to roll them up... she isn't quite ready for this one yet but I can't wait to pair it with these cute silver ballet shoes we got her (once her feet start growing...)

 Outfits 2 and 3 from Baby Gap HERE

My style is totally preppy and I'm not afraid to admit it. When mom and I saw this little dress we knew she had to have it. Because those little elbow patches!? I die. Plus it's pink.

This was another "had to have" outfit. My mom is a leopard print lover and this little combo is just too cute! We even got her the matching headband. Those bow leggings!? That pleated top!? I love when baby stuff is totally stuff that I would wear too. 

Pieces 4, 5, and 6 from Old Navy HERE 

I think this is Devin's favorite thing of Charlotte's. Mostly because he loves the snow and can't for it (boo). He had been wanting to get her a snowsuit so she could "crawl around in the show"... yeah that's not happening.... but this little fleece onesie? So cute for those cold days! And its gender neutral in case we ever decide to have another kid... just sayin' 
This top and military jacket... paired with a tiny pair of jeggings... Hello fall! I mean what else can I say about this? It's just too adorable. Can't wait for her to wear it!!!

We also scored some great deals at Carters! Anyone else have some great baby stores they love? 


Tricia Smeda said...

I agree, those are some super cute outfits!! She is adorable!!

Kayla Bainbridge said...

I love Cater's and Gymboree. Have you heard of They have some super cute stuff too! I'm jealous of all your cute girl stuff. I want one someday :)