Monday, September 30, 2013

Apologies to my body

I have done a post like this before- many moons ago it seems
Back when I thought I was "fat"
Before I got pregnant and realized what huge felt like
So it seemed fitting that I do an all new post apologizing to my body because Saturday I went and visited my friend Sarah and she had some friends over to watch the Relief Society broadcast and of course (since we are girls) we started talking about our bodies. One of the girls exclaimed, "We need to love our bodies NOW! Because if we don't love them now then we aren't going to love them when we are 40!" And that really struck home with me. I only get ONE body- this is it! And I had better stop telling it negative things because it's amazing... I mean have you SEEN the cute little life that formed inside of me? That's pretty awesome.
(Left: 1 weeks before Charlotte was born. 35 weeks pregnant. Right: 16 weeks postpartum.)

Dear body, 
I apologize...
-For weighing you almost daily... I know that's not healthy. I promise to stop that.
-For TRYING to get you into those mint cords I bought 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. We will getcha back in there sooner or later.
-For comparing you to other people's bodies... you are MINE and you are different and that is OK.
-For thinking you are ugly
-For all the scrapes and bruises and cuts I have given you... it just means we are living.
-For all the relaxing and resting we haven't gotten lately- I hear it will come eventually.
-For not appreciating you.
-For calling you names. 
-For not recognizing that many people who HAVEN'T had babies would LOVE to have a body like you.
-For being so critical of every tiny detail.
-For not seeing your beauty. 

My body is mine and I won't get another one. It is the place in which my spirit resides- my home. I had better start recognizing and appreciating the wonder that it is... I'm working on that. And celebrating the little victories... Like trying on your cheetah print pencil skirt (size 4!) and not expecting it to fit... and it does! I ran up to husband and said, "GUESS WHAT SIZE THIS IS!?" He said 4....

Happy Monday my friends!
What apologies would you say to your own body? 

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Heather said...

Sarah mentioned that you posted about this. Loved what you wrote! AMEN! So glad others share my same sentiment. Hope we can meet up again another time. It was so nice to meet you.