Friday, August 16, 2013

The thing about my husband being a daddy

Becoming a parent is the most amazing thing I have ever done with my husband
From truly seeing how loving and supportive he was through labor
To watching him with our tiny girl- it really is the best
But there are some things I have learned about my husband as a dad.
He doesn't want my help unless he asks for it. 
Daddy's need to be able to do things on their own. They need to be able to figure things out. We need to trust that they can do it!

He is just as tired as I am.
Just because I am the one who gets up with Charlotte the majority of the time doesn't mean he goes right back to sleep. Plus he gets up early and goes in to work for 10+ hours while I can nap (haha like that happens).

He misses us while he is at work
Every day when he gets home Devin tell us that he missed us. He snuggles Charlotte, kisses me, gives Lucy pets and we all relish in the glow of daddy being home.

He wishes he could help more
Too many morning he has woken up to me not being in bed with him. That's how he knows it was a "bad night" and every time he asks what I need, how can he help, and that he wishes that he could help me more.

My kid would rather hang out with him anyway.
Charlotte sees me all day so when Devin comes home it's a whole new ball game. She gets tired of looking at my face and hearing my voice (or so it seems).

He loves us.
Everything he does is for us. He works so hard so I can stay home with Charlotte. He takes the night shift on weekends when he is home. He has his "projects" that make our house a home. He cooks dinner on nights when I just don't want to. He watches Charlotte so I can take a break.

He is my partner in crime. We laugh at the faces Charlotte makes, how loud her farts are, and about how we are going to be the cool parents (ha... right). He loves me even on the days where it's just too much effort to do much else but survive the day.
The thing about my baby's daddy is... he is so incredibly loved and appreciated. 

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