Thursday, August 1, 2013


I follow a lot of mommy blogs
Trendy mommy blogs
Moms who live in NYC and DC
And they all have bugaboo strollers
And saltwater sandals
And adorable kids who always look awesome
AND THEY look awesome
They are skinny... like really really skinny
They also have amazing hair 
And they do all kinds of fun cool stuff with their kids
I'm just sure their babies were sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old
The way it seems you would think they never fight with their husbands
and their children never have meltdowns
I know that is not really their reality
I'm sure there are days when they call their moms because they are overwhelmed
And that they argue with their husbands
And that their kids have meltdowns
And that their houses aren't always clean
AND that is OK
It's OK for all of us to have days like that
My reality is... I'm lucky most days if I get out of the house
Because I'm so exhausted
I'm lucky if I do my hair
Actually doing my hair usually only happens on Sundays
And I'm lucky if I can find something to wear that fits
Because although I have lost weight since Charlotte
I feel like I still have a giant mountain to climb before I am back where I was
Most of the time I am running on 6ish hours of sleep
And Charlotte and I don't go out and do "cool" things
We are lucky if we get to hangout with our friends during the week
There are days when I feel like I am just trying to keep my head above water
Where my biggest accomplishment of the day is showering and keeping another human alive
I'm not going to lie and say that everything is always peachy and perfect
And that motherhood isn't so much harder than I imagined
But my life is beautiful
My husband is loving and kind and amazing
And so ridiculously perfect for me
I really can't believe I got so lucky- and that I get to keep him for forever
My daughter is gorgeous
I really can't believe I made something so beautiful
She is healthy and happy
Our house is a home- and a refuge from the world
It might be a mess but to me it's lovely
It's filled with love and light and the sounds of a new little one
And so is our life
... And I have saltwater sandals too.


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Meg Clifford said...

oh i know this feeling all too well. it feels like such an uphill climb, especially the minute you're not pregnant and that cute bump isn't cute anymore! I see friends that are at the beach all dolled up with 3 kids and I think, I am just getting up for the day!!! My hair lives in a top knot, and my 2 year old watches far more tv these days... it's just what is until things are really in full swing, and you have all the time in the world to get there! I think you look fabulous and your little one is darling. It's good to have such a sweet family to make the climb a little easier, right? ;)