Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY script pillows

Pinterest is my vice. All of my good ideas come from there. So when I saw these super cute pillows on pinterest I thought, "Awesome! Hopefully there is a tutorial so I can make them!" Well, there wasn't one. It lead to a shop where someone was selling them for $54. Sorry, but I don't have $54 to blow on 2 pillows. So I set out to make my own! I learned this technique from my friend Sarah A. when we made onesies for our baby girls. And I definitely didn't spend $54 to make these. It was so ridiculously easy but my husband was impressed ;-)

What you'll need (that you might not already have):
1 yard fabric
Freezer paper
Exacto knife
Fabric paint
Paint brush
Fluff for stuffing your pillow

I used cheap cotton muslin from Joann's. It was $1.99 per yard but I had a 40% off coupon (haha). The first thing you need to do after you gather all of your supplies is print out what you want to say from your computer (I was sure to pick a font I knew would be easier for me to cut out). Once you do that, cut your freezer paper to the size you want and lay it over your saying WAXY side DOWN. Use your exacto knife to cut out your words. I put my plastic cutting board underneath so I wouldn't cut up my table. Then place your cut freezer paper on your fabric and iron on. Make sure you iron it on really well! It makes a difference once you paint it. Next, use your paint and brush to stipple on the paint (I found this gave better results than actually using painting strokes). Be sure to put something behind your fabric so that it doesn't get all over the place. Let dry! Remove the freezer paper and behold your awesome painted fabric! All that's left is to sew... stuff... and enjoy! I hindsight I should have done better at lining up my words but I kind of like it's wonky imperfect look. I seriously love these. I love the sayings sand I think it was just what my breakfast nook needed to be finished! What do you think? 


andrea said...

I love simple tutorials. Good job, and I think the pillows look great.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those turned out great!