Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 months!

My baby girl! How in the world did you get to be so BIG!? Where have I been??? I have been RIGHT HERE with you everyday and I feel like I missed it? How did that happen? 
You are seriously the cutest. THE. CUTEST. And I know I am biased but I'm allowed to be because I'm your mama and I made you (so there). 
You are so much more lively these days and LOVE to play on your play mats still.
You think its sooooo funny when we sing to you. 
You love to take your naps on your belly.
THANK YOU for sleeping through the night! You are amazing. 
And by golly if you aren't a thumb sucker just like we knew you would be when we caught you doing it on ultrasound when I was 13 weeks pregnant (you little stinker!)
And I keep trying to put shoes on you but your feet are still super tiny!
Happy 3 months baby girl. Mommy and daddy are so happy you were sent to us. XO
(P.S. My mom called this outfit her "Chaquita Banana" outfit. HAHAHAHA it totally is)

***Sorry for being absent this last week+ our internet has been down*** 

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