Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Nursery breakdown

I have had a lot of repins of my nursery photos and I didn't think it was very fair of me to not let people know where they can get the stuff that is in Charlotte's nursery. I know that's what I did when I was on pinterest looking for nursery ideas! I am sure I am "over sharing" where I got things but I know I got so frustrated when I saw something I liked and didn't know where it was from. The list of where everything is from OR where you can get something similar is at the bottom of the post.

 I didn't have a budget when I set out to do Charlotte's room. In hindsight I really should have. One of my goals for 2013 was to decorate a nursery I was totally in love with... mission accomplished. When we first started this endeavor I was so afraid I wasn't going to like her nursery. I WANTED TO PAINT! I lost that battle... (I also lost the battle for curtains... I am still fighting that one. This place NEEDS some white ruffled curtains don't you think? Tell Devin for me haha)

 Originally I wanted to do coral, turquoise, and white. But then I thought, "who am I kidding I AM A PINK GIRL!" And so pink and white became the colors. When people asked me what my "theme" was... I would respond with "I don't have a theme... just pink and cute and girly."

The first piece of furniture we got was the crib. Devin bought it off of craigslist for $80. It's only 2 years old and it still goes for over $600 new at pottery barn. It was an off white color so we painted it (and by we I mean Devin) pure white. And I think it's just fabulous.

I thought we would have a hard time finding furniture that would go with the crib. We were lucky to also find our changing table on craigslist for $30. Devin also refreshed the paint on it. It has the same siding as our crib and that nice feminine sleigh detail.

 We also got lucky with her dresser. We were randomly looking for a TV stand at a local furniture store and there it was! The perfect dresser! We also bought the tall chest of drawers and nightstand which we put in our guest room so Charlotte can have a full bedroom set when she gets older.
I knew I wanted to have a mirror in her room but I kept seeing one's I wasn't in love with. Those that were too tacky looking or too plain. I should never ever doubt pottery barn. It became my go-to place for all things nursery. 

My glider was the very last purchase I made for the nursery and it was the last thing to show up. It came in 2 days before Charlotte was born. I looked and looked for the perfect glider and was coming up short. I saw this one and just didn't want to spend the $$$ on it. So I bought a cheapo ugly one online and thought I would just deal with it. Well the one I bought was sold out EVERYWHERE and Devin finally just told me to get this one because I would be spending lots of time in it. I am so glad I got it! Totally worth the $$$ (and I mean it).

 My friend Shawna painted our family portrait for me for my birthday and we used it for my baby shower invites. I am so in love with it.
 OF course she had to have SOMETHING Disney in her room! It's a small world!
 My mom sang "you are my sunshine" to me everyday as a little girl! I knew no matter if we were having a boy or a girl there would be a "you are my sunshine" something in the nursery.
 I saw these online while browsing what I needed from my "pottery barn" list and I instantly knew they had to be on her wall. I obsessed over them for weeks... I even went into the store and looked at them. Eventually I got them once they were on sale.

I am so grateful that I was able to put together this nursery for my baby girl. I am thankful that my husband saw my nesting needs and spent so much time painting and hanging things and arranging furniture (not to mention taking the door down to get my glider in). He really is the best.

Changing Table: Craigslist. Similar HERE

Changing Table bins: Pottery Barn Kids

Changing pad covers: Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids

Pennant banner: Gift. DIY tutorial HERE

Elephant laundry hamper: Devin bought Charlotte's at home depot but you can also find them HERE

Dresser: Exact one found HERE

Floor lamp: Pottery Barn Kids Craigslist find for $25! Find them HERE

Mirror: Pottery Barn kids- unfortunately it's no longer for sale online but I am loving THIS ONE

Custom name: ETSY- this seller was great!

Bear: Gift (from build a bear)

Sleep Sheep: Pottery Barn Kids

Glider and ottoman: TARGET

"I am a child of God" print: ETSY you pick your own colors!

Custom family painting: GIFT made by my amazing friend Shawna!

"It's a small world" print: ETSY

"You are my sunshine" wall hanging: ETSY you can pick your color

Bookcase: Ikea (we have a little nook it fits into perfectly!)

Japanese Lanterns: From my baby shower at work! You can find some on Amazon.

Ballet position prints: Pottery Barn Kids. Unfortunately no longer sold online.

Crib: Pottery Barn Craigslist find! Find them HERE

Crib skirt: Pottery Barn Kids (but the people who sold us the crib gave this to us!)

Yes... I am obsessed with Pottery Barn Kids... I think I was in there every week until Charlotte was born.


Chase Family said...

Chinese lanterns actually just went on groupon too!

Chase Family said...

PS it was nice to read your blog because I've never been a huge craigslister, but you got some great things! So I think I will be able to find stuff there as well.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think it looks amazing!! I love all of the white.