Thursday, July 11, 2013

So Blessed

On Sunday, July 7th, we blessed our baby girl.
(learn more about LDS baby blessing HERE)
My parents were in town for a week especially and Devin's mother and brother drove up for the occasion. Devin gave Charlotte a simple and beautiful blessing. So grateful for my husband and family... however crazy they may be.
Charlotte wore my dress from 26 years ago and I about died when I saw her in it
It's so fun to put my baby in stuff that I used to wear.
I love my little family.

*On a side note we had a headband crisis. I ordered one off of etsy 2 weeks before her blessing and it never showed up (still hasn't! I have requested a refund). I emailed the shop owner and never heard back from her (until yesterday) so the night before mom and I were running around trying to find something for her to wear. We ended up at baby gap and just buying a bow to clip onto the nylon headbands I just bought. So I am a little disappointed that the special headband I bought never came but it is what it is and she still looked cute. Also, she did wear cute socks but we didn't take picture until after church (hence why my skirt is wrinkled and all bunched up- why didn't anyone tell me to pull it down and smooth it out!?)... her shoes we bought her didn't fit her tiny feet.*


Tricia Smeda said...

Whitney I think it is so special that Devin is wearing the tie that you guys got sealed in at the San Diego Temple. Charlotte is born in the covenant, daddy has the you on that he married you and Charlotte's wearing your blessing dress that you or when you when you got your baby blessing!!! I don't know if you planned it that way but that's just the way it happened to come out, however I think it's fabulous! What a great way to tie your family together! No pun intended!!

Diane's Photography said...

Charlotte looks absolutely adorable in you darling blessing dress!!! and her little baby feet are to dye for. Shoes are cute but tiny toes are simply cuteness! Love your blog posts as always

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw!!! I love that she wore the exact same dress!