Monday, July 29, 2013

It's OK...

Even though I am no longer "working" I still dread Mondays. I dread when Devin goes back to work. I feel like Charlotte knows when the day comes that Daddy won't be with us all day. Even if he is outside doing his manly things at least he is around (currently he is working on the playset... I don't have the heart to tell him Charlotte won't be using it for a few months... or at least a year...). We are, however, going on our very first kid free date night this week. I am both excited and terrified at the same time...

(Skirt and top: J Crew. Pearls: Gift. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren)

It's OK...
-That I hated the way the shoes I wore with this outfit looked (hence no photo)
-And that I wish I wore a belt
-That I still have one day a week where I stay in pajamas... all day long
-That some days my biggest accomplishment is that I worked out and got a shower
-That I totally walked in on a dude peeing (yes peeing)... in my defense he didn't lock the door
-To only want to eat ice cream for dinner
-To look forward to nap time
-That I pretty much only "do" my hair on Sundays
-To still have 10 lbs to go to my "before Charlotte" weight... it feels like more
-To wish I had a live in chef
-That my kid loves her paci
-To want the best of both worlds
-That I am already dreading winter
-To be homesick
-And "mom sick" (aka when you are homesick for your mom)
-That these hips no longer lie... I get it Shakira...I get it...
-To be afraid someone is going to facetime me on one of those days
-That I have a bazillion pins that I want to do on pinterest... and haven't even gotten started

What's OK with you today?

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Heath Income said...

You look beautiful Whitney :) Love, Lynne