Friday, July 19, 2013

From 1909

Mostly this post is for posterity's sake.
As a little back history- my grandparents had my mom later in life and my mom had me later in life. My grandfather (aka "papaw") was 39 when my mom was born and my mom was 37 when I was born (sorry mom I am giving away your age here). Needless to say I always felt like people around me where old (because they were).
Both of my great grandmothers were seamstresses. I haven't ever really seen either of their handy work up until now.
My grandfather was born in November
of 1909 and my great grandmother made him a blessing (or christening) dress and coat.
My mom brought it with her when she visited and we had ever intention of going to a "real" portrait studio and having Charlotte's picture taken in it but I am kind of glad we did it at home. A 104 year old dress is very delicate and I didn't want anyone else touching it.

I am so grateful that my family has saved these special pieces for us to pass down! My mom is excellent at preserving history like that.


Angie said...

That is SO special! LOVE the pics!

Diane's Photography said...

The dress and coat is beautiful...I love the heirloom blessing gowns so much I've learned to make them for my grandchildren. I know my kids will preserve their blessing outfits and hopefully my great grandchildren will love the gowns the same as you do. Charlotte is a beautiful model, love her face.