Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Mom... I get it now

Dear Mom, 
I get it now!
I get why you ALWAYS wanted me to call you whenever I got somewhere (and you still do)
I get why you worked so hard to make sure I had all the opportunities you never did
I get why I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16 (although I am thinking of changing this rule to 21... that seems like a good age... if ever...)
I get why you cried when I went away to college
I get why some days we had McDonald's for dinner because you were too tired to cook
I get why you went all crazy when chicks at school were mean to me
And why you always answer your phone no matter what time it is
I get why I did ballet and piano and flute and softball and cheerleading
I get why you said "it's not a sin to be poor but it is a sin to be dirty"
I get why you sweep the floor everyday (will it EVER be clean!?)
I also get why you and grandma always said, ' "they say" is the biggest liar in the world'
I get why you always drove me to Santa Barbara for back to school shopping
I get that you were (and are) smarter than I ever gave you credit for
and that I really was a stupid teenager but hopefully I wasn't too bad
I also get why you always wanted me to wear sunscreen
And why you hated for me to be on trampolines
I'm sure there are a lot more things I need to get
But I am gettin' it slowly
Thanks mom for teaching me to be who I am
And for being the best mom ever
Seriously... ever.

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