Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,
You are growing up far too quickly my little love. It's breaking mommy's heart just a tiny bit. Even daddy is sad. "She used to be as big as a Chipotle burrito! I can't hold her in one arm anymore!" Sometimes it just smacks me right in the face that we have a daughter who is someday going to be a teenager (yikes). Because while the days may seem long the years are short. Now, believe it or not your ol' mama was semi-cool at some point in her life. And before I loose that cool I thought I would make some promises to you as you grow up.

I promise:
-To never give you an awful haircut unless you give it to yourself. In that case you have to deal with it. Hence why mommy has a whole lot of pictures with a bowl cut.
-On your 14th birthday we will go and get you NICE makeup AND you will get makeup lessons.
-To let you have your ears pierced but only one hold in each ear and definitely no more piercings anywhere else. This is nonnegotiable.
-To buy you good face wash and acne system at the first sign of your first zit
-To let you go on GROUP dates at 16 but no exclusive boyfriends until after High School... because High School is dumb and so are High School boys (although you won't feel this way at the time... but trust me on this one... wait until college... dating in college is so much more fun)
-To REALLY talk to you about sex (yes you WILL be asking me about that someday)
-To trust you as long as you deserve it and earn it
-To not let you quit something because it's the easy way out
-To let you play hooky from school once a year without it being a sick day
-To have mommy and Charlotte days
-To make your birthday's special! Especially since you share that day with Daddy
-To be there when you buy your first bra, purse, pair of heels, and wedding dress. Just like my mom was there for me. 
-To teach you how to bake.
-To let you dress yourself... unless its either unsafe, inappropriate, or will shame you later in life
-To tell you I love you every day even if you tell me you hate me... because I know you will probably say it... and I also know you won't mean it.

I know I will make tons of promises to you throughout your life... but let's start with these for now...
Love, Mommy


Diane's Photography said...

Those are all the same promises I made Crystal when she was a baby and the boys too with the exception of pierced ears, makeup, bras and the rest of the girl stuff...she will love you for all the fantastic love you have in your promises~ I'm teary eyed once again

Afton Brinkerhoff said...

I feel like the last few posts of yours have come straight from my mind! It's amazing having a daughter!