Friday, July 12, 2013

A whole new J Crew

I'm not going to lie. Most days I wear yoga pants. The truth is this post pregnancy body has brought on more dressing challenges than pregnancy has. I'm in this weird limbo phase where I don't want to wear maternity clothes anymore (hello I am NOT pregnant!) and all my pre-pregnancy clothes are TINY (why didn't someone WARN me my boobs would be totally out of control!?). My first trip to J Crew after baby girl was pretty hard. You KNOW it's my favorite store. Before I could just go in and pick stuff up and buy it and call it good. This time I had no clue and was a bit delusional and dreaded the dressing room. Yep. I'm bigger now. But going from a small to a medium? Meh not that bad. Except my hips are now what I lovingly call "birthing hips" but you know what? I might weigh more but clothes still look awesome! Yes I am more concerned about my poochy deflated beach ball belly but I can still wear what I love... just in a different size. Here are a few things I am obsessing over right now from my favorite place. 

(OK so the salt waters aren't from J Crew but I can still obsess about them right? Right.)

You know me I love a good pencil skirt and cardigan! But these colors you guys! These colors are what make them fabulous. And POLKADOTS! I have been obsessing over that white shirt for... um... like a year (now it's at their factory store!). And the chevron train? I am going to ride that baby as long as I can. 

*All items (except shoes) can be found currently at pretty much everything is on sale!* 

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