Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 baby gear favorites

It's funny the things you think you need before you have a baby. My nursing pillows? I never use them!   But now that she is getting older and bigger I might start. But my moby wrap? The only time I got it out was to try it before Charlotte was born.
I know I haven't been a mommy for very long but but here are 5 things I use on a daily basis

#1. The Ergo

 One of the best baby purchases we made! Seriously. She absolutely loves it. We have been on walks, farmer's markets, to the aquarium etc. and she just hangs out in it. We were lucky enough to find a brand new one at Marshalls for $60!
#2. The munchkin

People if you aren't using a diaper pail where are you putting your dirty diapers? I use this sucker... um... 10+ times a day. I really love this one because it has a refillable baking soda airfreshener (which only requires you have baking soda on hand... and lets face it who doesn't?)
#3. Swaddlepod

I am the absolute worst swaddler ever. Ever. Devin is the master. But usually he heads off to bed before the swaddling needs to be done. These? You just put them in it and zip them up! Can't mess it up even if you tried. Alas, they only make them for newborns... so now I am having to learn how to swaddle.
#4. Play Gym

We have 2 play gyms and Charlotte loves both. When we get up in the morning she goes straight to her play gym and she hangs out there for about an hour and she plays and plays and plays. I also love that we can change out the toys on these things in case she gets bored with the ones she has. We use these daily.
#5. Nylon Headbands

When Charlotte was first born none of her headbands fit her. Once she started getting bigger I noticed that some of her headbands were leaving marks on her forehead! And they only came in one size fits all!? Then I discovered nylon headbands. They are so light and stretchy and you can switch out the bows. I am obsessed. I read that they can wear them until they are 2! I am a believer. If you have a baby girl... get some of these! I found them on etsy for $1 a piece! Can't beat that.

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Diane's Photography said...

I want a baby now so I can play with all the new things that I didn't have 38 years ago and I want to cuddle :D