Monday, May 13, 2013

I am still here

Honestly- I have lost that blogging feelin'
and that crafting feelin' 
Pregnancy has sucked the life out of me
I fall asleep when I get home from work
and then again right after dinner
I can no longer put my shoes on myself unless they are slip on
All I want to wear is pj's all day
My doctor's comments make me feel huge
We are pre-registered at the hospital
Having an epidural freaks me out
But so does labor
My glider hasn't come in yet-hopefully it will get here soon!
Still haven't gotten a stroller
I have fallen in love with one that is twice our budget
(The Bugaboo Chameleon 3 if you want to know WITH the Andy Warhol flowers canopy)
Originally we wanted the Bob
But now I have fallen in love with the bugaboo
I have to pee ALL.THE.TIME. 
And all I want to "eat" are jamba juice's
I want MY mother here- like now
I also want my house magically cleaned but I hear that 24-48 hours before labor it will be

If I'm being completely honest I don't like talking about my life on here anymore because I don't want my biological father to find us/contact us. It was because of this blog that he found me and called me at work one day a few years back. And it scared the living daylights out of me. I got a lawyer- wrote a letter- and haven't heard from him since (I sure hope he got the hint). In fact he is probably reading this- same as you are now. I am even more reluctant to blog now that I am expecting a baby- I just feel like I need to protect my family. I think this blog is going to need a lot more thought as to whether or not I will continue. I really want to. I love looking back on all of our memories and photos. I just might have to make it private. Don't worry- I will let you know. Until now- forgive me for retreating into my little life. I promise there have been too many awkwards and awesomes and not enough cute outfits. Lot's of "It's OK" moments (like having dessert most every night for a week). Lots of "fear of the unknown" with the pregnancy- but also tons of joy.