Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going home

Going home was hard- because I did leave a piece of my heart there. I left it with my mom and friends and family that are still there. I felt like crying most of the time because of all of the memories (and... hormones) the kept coming.
HOWEVER, the ocean and my mom's cooking made up for a lot of it.
We had fun eating at my favorite ice cream shop
And sticking out toes in the sand
Going to the butterfly farm with our good friends Shawna and Garrett
Oh and did I mention the shopping?
This mamma scored a Kate Spade diaper bag and a new Coach purse.
Leaving was so hard. I cried for a good 12+ hours (on and off) and called my mom more times in a 24 hour period than I ever have.
Wish we could go back and stay.
But for now... we are here... and now I seriously have to get working on this little girl's nursery.
I read in a magazine that most mom's to be are done with the nursery by his point (!?) I haven't even started... 

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