Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Nine West. Skirt: ASOS maternity. Top and Headband: J Crew. Sunglasses: Fendi)

-Husband cut his thumb the other day and the only bandaids I had were Disney princess ones. He ended up having to wear it to work. Poor guy.
-Husband has also be claiming "pregnancy brain". Leaving the ice cream in the fridge!? He says that since he has a pregnant wife it does make his brain crazy.
-The kid who brings a full on deli sandwish and 2 liter bottle of soda to church every week. I'm actually just jealous that we don't sit by him.
-When my mother in law told me "that sounds about right" when I told her there were 3 babies in my tummy... nice.
-This guy at work who said, "So, I see that you are about to go on an extreme weight loss program here soon?" Um... excuse me? His wife was absolutely mortified.
-Not being able to paint your toes OR buckle your own sandals.

-Less than 12 weeks until we meet our little girl!
-Feeling this little nugget do flips in my belly
-Fresh homemade bread!
-My new NARS blush! Seriously few things make me feel pretty these days but this does the trick.
-Baby shoes. They are the best.
-Brownies... hot out of the oven... with vanilla ice cream... Mmmmmm.
-Husband has had this whole week off!

Happy Thursday my friends!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going home

Going home was hard- because I did leave a piece of my heart there. I left it with my mom and friends and family that are still there. I felt like crying most of the time because of all of the memories (and... hormones) the kept coming.
HOWEVER, the ocean and my mom's cooking made up for a lot of it.
We had fun eating at my favorite ice cream shop
And sticking out toes in the sand
Going to the butterfly farm with our good friends Shawna and Garrett
Oh and did I mention the shopping?
This mamma scored a Kate Spade diaper bag and a new Coach purse.
Leaving was so hard. I cried for a good 12+ hours (on and off) and called my mom more times in a 24 hour period than I ever have.
Wish we could go back and stay.
But for now... we are here... and now I seriously have to get working on this little girl's nursery.
I read in a magazine that most mom's to be are done with the nursery by his point (!?) I haven't even started... 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby shower!

My baby shower was awesome! Except the fact that the only photos I have from it are on my cell phone because A. We were having too much fun to take pictures (or at least I was!) and B. No one remembered to bring a camera (actually my mom did but she was too busy holding babies to take pictures).
 (Lucy, Devin, Me and baby girl!)
First thing's first. Check out this cute CUTE cute painting my good friend Shawna did for us. We have the large one that will be hanging in baby's nursery. She designed the entire invitation but this was the front- and I'm completely in love with it! Um... she also made all the onsie designs (more on that later!)
(Me and Shawna. I so so so love this girl!)
Our colors were pink, gold and cream- no theme... Other than "she leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes". It was catered by Broadway bagel and my friend Danielle catered all the cake pops. We had lots of help with setting up and taking down (thank you thank you thank you everyone! Even husband and dad helped haha! Then they left and did manly stuff).
(Devin helping set up!)
It was so fun to eat AND see all my cute friends who could come!!! And, let's be honest- baby girl totally scored. She is so lucky she has so many people who love her already!
 (This banner and the "yummy" banner were made by Diane!)
So thank you everyone who came and make this party a huge success! Everyone who came to help set up and tear down! I love you all!!!
(and just a few more crappy phone photos that I actually took before the party even started)
(A peak at one of the food tables. The best bagels ever!)

(Food signs!)
(Yummy banner!)
(Cake pops made by Danielle! They were so delicious I think I ate a dozen on my own...)

(Lots of pink at this party!)

Last but not least me and Diane! She made me this awesome chevron quilt... which you only get to peak at... for now ;-)