Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feeling Lucky

Sometimes I wonder how I got to be so lucky. Seriously. The other day when I came home from church (to an empty house-husband had to work) and I looked around baby's empty(ish) nursery, it struck me how incredibly lucky I am.
Lucky that my mom left her toxic marriage to my biological father when she did.
Lucky that she got the best lawyer in town to terminate his parental rights.
Lucky that my mom sent an amazing example of getting an education.
Lucky that I never had at really want for anything because my mom worked at least 2 jobs my entire life.
Lucky that we moved to California.
Lucky for the friends I had in High School- girls I still love you and miss you always.
Lucky that I got the letter from my old middle school friend that made me want to apply to BYU-I.
Lucky that I was able to go to BYU-I.
Lucky that I went home when I did to meet my husband.
Lucky I was able to get married where I always wanted to get married.
Lucky that I was able to get my college degree.
Lucky that we were able to buy not only one home but two.
Lucky that my husband and I have the relationship that we do.
Lucky to be expecting this little miracle inside of me.
While I was sitting and pondering my great luck in life, I realized that the real word I was thinking of was blessed. So incredibly blessed. And thankful that my life is the way it is. And that when I ponder how when I was 15 and people asked me "where do you see yourself in 10 years", I am exactly where I wanted to be.
Here's to becoming 26 in a few days... and also... a mommy in a few weeks.

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