Friday, February 1, 2013

A weird thing about my house

(one of these homes... we actually do live in...)
So the thing about this new house is... that I love it
I love the levels, I love the yard, I love the kitchen
At first, I totally felt like we were cheating on our home in California
But now I know... its OK to love more than one house.
BUT... this house does have something that weirds me out...
(NOT our actual toilet... because taking a picture of them would be almost as weird as blogging about them)
We have black toilets.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not prejudice against any color of toilet - in fact I have used a purple toilet and purple bath tub AND sink in my days on earth.
However, I have never even seen a black toilet... let alone used one... or bought a house with not one... but 3.
AND not only are these toilets black, they have funny push buttons on the top unlike the usual flushers you see (um all the time). Not just one button... 2 buttons. A #1 button and a #2 button.
I honestly didn't know if I could see past this oddity. The thing about them is... they make our bathrooms look very sad (can bathrooms look sad?) and high tech. Like you would need a manual to use this fancy schmancy potty- and let's be honest... these suckers are intimidating.
When we moved into this house, I scrubbed every inch of it... only to have to go pee 30 seconds after finishing the cleaning. Side note: WHY do I ALWAYS have to pee right AFTER I scrub the bathrooms!? SO unfair. Anyway- so I decided that this was MY house now and I would NOT let these intimidating toilets beat me.
So now, I love them. Because they are energy efficient, and let's face it... they look freakin' awesome in our new modern updated house. Although, I did buy this little baby to liven up one of our (4!) bathrooms...
Yes, I am ruffle obsessed!
P.S. Today marks the start of BIRTHDAY MONTH for me... I am so excited. 


Mandy said...

Girl I hate black toilets! I hate that you can't see that you actually went to the bathroom (TMI)? Sad but true...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've never had a black toilet so I kinda think it would be odd. At least at first it would be.