Friday, February 22, 2013

On becoming a mother

The words "mommy" and "daddy" are thrown around this house a lot the other day. The words are sweet to hear and even sweeter to recognize how close they are to becoming true. The other day, husband said, "Whoa, you're going to be someone's mother!" And that term hit me in a whole new way. Mother I feel like is a word with so much emotion, love and responsibility attached. While I know I will be a "mommy" right away will I be a mother right away? I started thinking about the things that made up the mothers that I know. Were they born that way? Or did it come when the babies came? I don't think in order to be a mother you have to be biologically related. I have had plenty of mothers in my life (my own being the most important to me). Then I worry about those mothers who are seemingly detatched. Where their children are merely accessories to their lives. How do you know which one you will be? Is it an innate ability? I'm just not sure. How do you know you will be good at it. Have I already been a mother to someone? Not in the literaly sense but in the emotional sense? Lot's of questions on this upcoming role loom in my mind. How do you become a mother? And how do you know you will be good at it?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The paint battle

Husband and I have been battling (ahem) discussing lightly the notion of whether or not to paint baby's room. The sides to this debate go as follows; Me: Totally for painting. Husband: Totally against painting whether he or someone else does it.
We did a lot (and I mean a lot) of painting in our old house and he is just over the whole experience. I don't blame him.
Around and around we went.
He would give a little... I would give a little.
And then... behold... a compromise.
The terms: We won't paint the room, but we will be painting the furniture (aka the dresser) a fun color. I need some color in that room!
So, here are some of the ideas I have been thinking about...
(Photo: )
Now to decide which color(s) to do! I only have... 116 days until baby is due!
Yikes... that's soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feeling Lucky

Sometimes I wonder how I got to be so lucky. Seriously. The other day when I came home from church (to an empty house-husband had to work) and I looked around baby's empty(ish) nursery, it struck me how incredibly lucky I am.
Lucky that my mom left her toxic marriage to my biological father when she did.
Lucky that she got the best lawyer in town to terminate his parental rights.
Lucky that my mom sent an amazing example of getting an education.
Lucky that I never had at really want for anything because my mom worked at least 2 jobs my entire life.
Lucky that we moved to California.
Lucky for the friends I had in High School- girls I still love you and miss you always.
Lucky that I got the letter from my old middle school friend that made me want to apply to BYU-I.
Lucky that I was able to go to BYU-I.
Lucky that I went home when I did to meet my husband.
Lucky I was able to get married where I always wanted to get married.
Lucky that I was able to get my college degree.
Lucky that we were able to buy not only one home but two.
Lucky that my husband and I have the relationship that we do.
Lucky to be expecting this little miracle inside of me.
While I was sitting and pondering my great luck in life, I realized that the real word I was thinking of was blessed. So incredibly blessed. And thankful that my life is the way it is. And that when I ponder how when I was 15 and people asked me "where do you see yourself in 10 years", I am exactly where I wanted to be.
Here's to becoming 26 in a few days... and also... a mommy in a few weeks.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's a....

Please forgive me as we did 2 series of photos... I couldn't decided which I liked better...
We're having a little girl!!!
Get ready for pink and tutu's!
We are so excited!
Thank you so much to cherieberryphotography for coming out in the snow to take photos!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Products I can't live without right now

I made it! Half way there! And I got a little surprise that said, "welcome to the other side mommy." And that little surprise was a 2 day migraine, nausea, and a bit of high blood pressure. I blame it on the crazy patients this last week. Rest, and 2 jamba juices later I am feeling tons better. Pause for a moment: I really could have a jamba juice I'm obsessed. AND we found one closer to our house that isn't 20 minutes away (Hallelujah). ANYWAY There are a few things that are helping me get through all the body issues (yes I realize that I NEED to gain weight- but it's still hard for me), the itchy skin, and all the other joys that come with custom making a human being.
#1. Mother's Friend
My mom sent me a jar of this stuff the minute she found out a I was pregnant (after I had already gone to the store a stocked up on cocoa butter- which by the way is greasy and I hate it). My mom used this little baby all through her 4 pregnancies and never got one stretch mark! Let's hope I got that good gene. But seriously, I never go a day without this! It isn't greasy, it's smell is very mild and its really moisturizing for this dry pregnancy skin I am in. I ran out about a month ago and freaked out when morning when I woke up and saw an angry red line on my belly. Thankfully it was just a sleep mark, and I am plenty stocked up on this now! (P.S. The only place I can find it is on amazon)
#2. Kiehl's whipped body butter
If you haven't ever tried Kiehl's I strongly recommend that you do. Their products are amazing. And while some of them (ahem, this one in particular) is more expensive than your average lotion- it's totally worth it. It keeps my skin hydrated all day long and doesn't leave any greasy after effects and it smells divine! This+mother's friend has been keeping my skin very very happy!
#3. Korres advanced brightening sleeping facial
This is a genuine beauty secret. I can definitely tell on the nights where I am lazy and don't put this on (hint: I try not to be too lazy these days). It gives your skins this nice glow (which is super important for pregnant ladies!) and it moisturizes without clogging your pores. It evens my skin tone and helps to lighten spots. I used this even when I wasn't pregnant and I was a huge fan. This will always be in my beauty bag.
#4. Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer
Yes, I know I have mention this product a time or two (or three, or four). But I am seriously obsessed. best highlight/illuminizer I have found (for pregnant skin or otherwise). You know when you're pregnant people tell you that you are "glowing? Well there are day's when I personally am definitely NOT glowing- this helps me fake it til I make it.
#5 Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Last week, I went to Sephora a bought a new (different) mascasra (Sephora brand: voluminizing or something like that) because the sale's girl totally talked me into it even though I went in there for this one and it was the worst mascara I have ever used! Apparently now that I'm pregnant my eyes water a lot? That mascara got everywhere! And the other morning (5 minutes after applying said horrible mascara) I sneezed, and I ended up having to redo the right side of my face. So, I am stickin' with this little beauty because if there is one thing I know now, don't mess with my mascara. Especially now that I am hormonal.
#6. (and #7) Bumble and Bumble- Gentle Shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner
Maybe my hair actually IS getting thicker- but the only thing I have noticed is that it is longer and it gets tangled more easily. I am super weird about having people I don't know cut my hair. Hence why the last time it was cut was back in July (don't worry I am waiting until I can go home to get it cut by someone I know haha). BUT these are my secret weapons. And I know husband is just waiting to get his hands on them.
What about you guys? Any products you care to share that you can't live without? I am a product junkie and I am always up for trying something new... except I get really mad when it sucks (like the Sephora mascara... see I can't get over it!) 

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's OK...

(Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. Pants: Asos maternity. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Sweater: J Crew)
I have to say that I am actually happy it is Monday today. Mostly because I have been looking forward to THIS WEEK for weeks and weeks... pretty much ever since finding out I was pregnant- Wednesday we get to find out if baby is a he or a she (pending baby isn't camera shy). But I still have a few things that are OK right now...
(All photo's taken with Lucy in baby's room... because Lucy thinks it's her room right now haha)
It's OK...
-To be gaining weight. If I gain weight, then baby gains weight. My pregnant body is a lot different than my regular body- and that is the way it is supposed to be!
-That all I really want to wear are leggings and sweat pants.
-If I have to go to the cafeteria at work to get a snack... almost every day.
-That thrift stores just aren't my thing.
-That the majority of my last paycheck went into savings and the rest of it was spent at Sephora and MAC.
-To not be able to decided on what color crib to get.
-To have bad days.
-That I can only remember cooking one meal last week...?
-That while husband reads intellectually stimulating novels- I read The Hunger Games again
-To be dying to go back to Disneyland- even though I just went.
-To be kind- even to people who are absolutely horrid.
-That I strongly dislike Motherhood Maternity and Pea in the Pod.
-That people are starting to stare at my belly.
-To want to stay home and read a book all day.
Happy Monday my friends! What's OK with you today? 

Friday, February 1, 2013

A weird thing about my house

(one of these homes... we actually do live in...)
So the thing about this new house is... that I love it
I love the levels, I love the yard, I love the kitchen
At first, I totally felt like we were cheating on our home in California
But now I know... its OK to love more than one house.
BUT... this house does have something that weirds me out...
(NOT our actual toilet... because taking a picture of them would be almost as weird as blogging about them)
We have black toilets.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not prejudice against any color of toilet - in fact I have used a purple toilet and purple bath tub AND sink in my days on earth.
However, I have never even seen a black toilet... let alone used one... or bought a house with not one... but 3.
AND not only are these toilets black, they have funny push buttons on the top unlike the usual flushers you see (um all the time). Not just one button... 2 buttons. A #1 button and a #2 button.
I honestly didn't know if I could see past this oddity. The thing about them is... they make our bathrooms look very sad (can bathrooms look sad?) and high tech. Like you would need a manual to use this fancy schmancy potty- and let's be honest... these suckers are intimidating.
When we moved into this house, I scrubbed every inch of it... only to have to go pee 30 seconds after finishing the cleaning. Side note: WHY do I ALWAYS have to pee right AFTER I scrub the bathrooms!? SO unfair. Anyway- so I decided that this was MY house now and I would NOT let these intimidating toilets beat me.
So now, I love them. Because they are energy efficient, and let's face it... they look freakin' awesome in our new modern updated house. Although, I did buy this little baby to liven up one of our (4!) bathrooms...
Yes, I am ruffle obsessed!
P.S. Today marks the start of BIRTHDAY MONTH for me... I am so excited.