Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's the truth Tuesday...

(7 weeks pregnant... the last picture we took before I started looking pregnant)

The truth about the 5 pregnancy tests.
By, Whitney Zufelt
(Shoes: Nine West. Skirt and Top: J Crew. Belt: The Gap)
So now that the cat is out of the bag, I can share with you all that I did indeed take 5 pregnancy tests. Yes, 5. No, I didn't pee in a cup and... you know the rest... I literally generated enough urine for 5 pregnancy tests (not all in one day)- que any Juno quotes you care to insert here. So... the real truth is... I kind of suspected that I was pregnant a few weeks before I found out. I was dizzy, tired and super grumpy and I kept eating everything. Devin even asked me one day, "What are you so hungry?" and I said (jokingly) "Because I'm probably pregnant" hardiharhar. So on Saturday October 6th I decided to do a pregnancy test. I just happened to have one lying around. I took it... it said no. Ok... then WHY are my tampons mocking me!? Whatever. Devin found the box while taking out the trash and asked, "Um... do you have something to tell me?" Nope... it was a no! So on Friday when my monthly bill still hadn't come it was suggested to me at work that I go and snag a test that we use to test patients before surgery. My boss said, "Hey, its good enough for us to let people have surgery... plus it's free." So, I went into the bathroom and did my thing... and low and behold... 2 bright pink lines! Tears were shed, hugs were given... and I left work and went to Target and took 2 more store bought test... one that gives you lines and one that gives you a "YES" or "NO"... (I also took an extra one from work to do later if I needed to). Both tests were a yes! So, I went home and showed husband (more on that story later) and told my parents. The next day we were at Devin's parents house and before we told them I took my 5th pregnancy test and got those 2 bright pink lines... again. Sometimes I just want to take another one just because it kind of feels like a magic trick. Hey... come here and see why my pee makes this thing do! It makes 2 lines appear! But.... that would be weird... so I will just stick with my 4 "yes" tests.
And that's the truth about me and my 5 pregnancy tests.

(Trying to have a baby bump)


All At Once said...

You look adorable and I cannot even count the # of pregnancy tests that I purchased with each of my boys. I swear I am their best customer! haha

Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, I love reading your blog...it is super cute and I love your outfit, shoes and the fact that you are pregnant...you are gorgeous too
love ya