Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Baby,

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Dear baby Zufelt,
Thanks for letting me know you are really in there. I have been wondering for a few days whether or not it was really you making all the crazyness go on inside my belly. But after the double kick after I ate Chipotle... I'm positive its you. Sunday morning when I woke up you were going at it again, flipping around in there (sorry there won't be very much room soon). Daddy was really sleepy but I put his hand on my belly and you kicked him and his eyes flew open! This week you are the size of a mango (or so the app on my phone tells me) and sources say that we could possibly know if you are a he or a she by know. However we have to wait. Please oh please baby cooperate at our next ultrasound so mommy can start planning! I seriously wonder not only "what" you are but "who" you are. What type of person will you be? Will you be shy or extremely outgoing? Will you be friendly and kind? Will you be stubborn and opinionated? Also what in the heck will you look like!? It's killing me already. My traits are dominant so the odds are not in your favor to have blond hair and blue eyes like daddy. Oh, and please try not to pull Lucy's fur too much. You will both be curious about each other but it will be awhile before you can go run around with her. Daddy and I frequently talk about how we are going to embarrass you. It's nothing personal kid, we are just weird. And to be honest we sing all.the.time and make up our own words to songs. Because, like I said... we are weird. We are fully away that when you are a teenager you will be embarrassed by us (probably even before that) and you will want us to drop you off a block before  school so your friends won't know how weird your parents are. But I promise not to leave naked baby pictures out for your friends to see... that's for future boyfriends or girlfriends. I promise to share my ice cream with you and to make your favorite dinner when it's requested. I promise to try and be the best mommy I can be- let's do this together though ok? Ok munchkin. See you in a few months. Keep on growing and kickin'. Love you to the moon and back.


R.S. said...

Whitney this post is beautiful, I'm all teary eyed! You are the BEST!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

awe I love this post dear! :)