Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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I always thought that when I would get pregnant that I would always crave really random things. Thing I would have never like in my "previous life". For example, green beans and pickles (yuck yuck yuck) or mustard or even watermelon. Husband was always afraid that I would crave things that we wouldn't be able to get our hands on. While I have had cravings for In N Out, and a lot of local places back home (sigh, all I am going to do is eat when I get home aren't I?) my cravings haven't been too out of this world, nor have there been any rhyme or reason to them. All of a sudden something will make me think of certain things and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! I like to call this "womb service" for baby.
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Craving #1
Peanut butter and jelly (specifically strawberry jelly) sandwiches and Cheetos
I had to eat them together. They reminded me of summer days when I would be outside playing and my mom would bring me a PB&J cut up into little triangles with a side of Cheetos. I was sitting at work one day and all of a sudden WHAM I had to have it. Luckily I work with awesome ladies who provided me with the necessities to jimmy-rig a PB&J (it ended up being in a tortilla! It was fabulous) and they went to the cafeteria to get me some Cheetos. Women who have been pregnant... they get it.
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Craving #2
Burgers and Steak
I swear I have never craved red meat more in my entire life (yeah I'm sure it has something to do with my iron levels). We hardly ever ever ever eat red meat in this house. I usually just buy chicken, turkey and fish. But one day I had to have steak fajitas (!?), when we closed on our house we went out for a steak dinner, and I made prime rib for Christmas dinner... and burgers always sound good. Goal #1 for this year: Gain weight and have a healthy baby. Goal #2: Loose the baby weight.

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Craving #3
 There are no smoothie shops for at least 10 miles around here. Back home in CA one was right down the street. But I have been craving these suckers like no one's business (especially in the mornings) so I have no option but to make them myself. Luckily for me, I used to work at a smoothie shop during High School so I am pretty educated at what makes a great smoothie. Husband has been enjoying the spoils of that craving as well.

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Craving #4
Fresh baked bread
I have always been a carb whore. I walk down the bread aisle especially while I am at the grocery store now just to smell the carbyness. It makes it worse when someone makes toast at work.

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Craving #5
Call me crazy but eggs always sound delicious. I love breakfast for dinner and it is on the menu every month. Sometimes... more than once. The other day someone at work brought eggs for breakfast, and then my boss can in with eggs too... so I ran down to the cafeteria and bought some for myself.

The only things I really can't stand (that I used to love!) so far are spinach, broccoli, and hot chocolate. I am also under the distinct impression that I am having shoe cravings. For example, the other day (and pretty continuously now) I have been obsessing about buying saltwater sandals in every color (except green... maybe it has something to do with my spinach and broccoli aversions?).

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andrea said...

What was interesting to me is how cravings change for each pregnancy. The 1st time eggs grossed me out, fried, boiled, scrambled, they were all gross. The next time I loved them. It's great to keep track of theses things, it will be fun to look back on.