Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,
I know there has been a lot of change going on around here. Moving (twice in the last 6 months), new job, new house, your daddy being gone, and a new baby on the way. Not to mention my ever changing body. I know its hard, trying to take care of everything around here but you are doing beautifully. Seriously. I know you are overwhelmed (believe me I understand) but thanks for being there to comfort me. The other night when you got into bed after a long day at work and you said, "Don't worry love everything is going to be ok, I'm here" I knew that it was true. No matter how stressful and overwhelmed we both are as long as we are together everything is going to be ok. I know you are going to be the best daddy- because you are already the best husband. There is no way I could do any of the things that I do without you.
Thank you for always kissing me before you leave for work (and I am so sad I never got to thank your daddy for teaching you that).
Thank you for always snuggling me in the mornings- even when I get up at 4am.
Thank you for kissing me on the forehead.
Thank you for working so hard to provide for our little family.  
Thank you for still taking me on dates.
Thank you for loving baby- and for rubbing my belly daily.
Thank you for spoiling me.
Thank you for choosing me.
Thank you for loving me no matter what....
And thank you for being my one and only.
I sure do love you. Forever and ever.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Awkward and Awesome!

(Boots: Steve Madden. Dress: ASOS. Belt: Express. Headband: J Crew. Lipstick: NARS Schiap)

-When the Doctor's you work with now refer to you as, "The pregnant chick."
-The cafeteria worker (who you see most everyday) says to you, "Oh hey! Guess you are making a baby huh?" No... I'm just getting fat from getting snacks here everyday.
-Our really cute friends had us over to their house the other day and she asked me if Lucy had gone through the dog door yet and I said, "What? The Doctor? I didn't even know she was sick!" Sigh...
-I asked husband the other day if I should wear lipstick with my outfit and he said, "you do way too much with that lipstick stuff."
-My mom called the other day and asked if I wanted to keep all her old VHS tapes...
-We had ice cream for dinner on Sunday.
-I almost put orange juice in my cereal the other day...
-Oh and I also forgot to put eyeliner on one eye on Sunday... Luckily I caught it before I walked out the door.

-I get to start thinking about BIRTHDAY MONTH!
-2 weeks until my next ultrasound!
-It was 67 degrees yesterday...
-When husband came home from skiing the other day and said how excited he was for baby so he could teach it how to ski.
-Preggy lady jeans. Seriously.

Happy happy Thursday! And let's just take a moment to be thankful that we live in a time where maternity wear does not coincide with the word "mumu". 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Baby,

Screening for Newborns, newborns newborn screenings newborn baby

Dear baby Zufelt,
Thanks for letting me know you are really in there. I have been wondering for a few days whether or not it was really you making all the crazyness go on inside my belly. But after the double kick after I ate Chipotle... I'm positive its you. Sunday morning when I woke up you were going at it again, flipping around in there (sorry there won't be very much room soon). Daddy was really sleepy but I put his hand on my belly and you kicked him and his eyes flew open! This week you are the size of a mango (or so the app on my phone tells me) and sources say that we could possibly know if you are a he or a she by know. However we have to wait. Please oh please baby cooperate at our next ultrasound so mommy can start planning! I seriously wonder not only "what" you are but "who" you are. What type of person will you be? Will you be shy or extremely outgoing? Will you be friendly and kind? Will you be stubborn and opinionated? Also what in the heck will you look like!? It's killing me already. My traits are dominant so the odds are not in your favor to have blond hair and blue eyes like daddy. Oh, and please try not to pull Lucy's fur too much. You will both be curious about each other but it will be awhile before you can go run around with her. Daddy and I frequently talk about how we are going to embarrass you. It's nothing personal kid, we are just weird. And to be honest we sing all.the.time and make up our own words to songs. Because, like I said... we are weird. We are fully away that when you are a teenager you will be embarrassed by us (probably even before that) and you will want us to drop you off a block before  school so your friends won't know how weird your parents are. But I promise not to leave naked baby pictures out for your friends to see... that's for future boyfriends or girlfriends. I promise to share my ice cream with you and to make your favorite dinner when it's requested. I promise to try and be the best mommy I can be- let's do this together though ok? Ok munchkin. See you in a few months. Keep on growing and kickin'. Love you to the moon and back.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I always thought that when I would get pregnant that I would always crave really random things. Thing I would have never like in my "previous life". For example, green beans and pickles (yuck yuck yuck) or mustard or even watermelon. Husband was always afraid that I would crave things that we wouldn't be able to get our hands on. While I have had cravings for In N Out, and a lot of local places back home (sigh, all I am going to do is eat when I get home aren't I?) my cravings haven't been too out of this world, nor have there been any rhyme or reason to them. All of a sudden something will make me think of certain things and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! I like to call this "womb service" for baby.
Craving #1
Peanut butter and jelly (specifically strawberry jelly) sandwiches and Cheetos
I had to eat them together. They reminded me of summer days when I would be outside playing and my mom would bring me a PB&J cut up into little triangles with a side of Cheetos. I was sitting at work one day and all of a sudden WHAM I had to have it. Luckily I work with awesome ladies who provided me with the necessities to jimmy-rig a PB&J (it ended up being in a tortilla! It was fabulous) and they went to the cafeteria to get me some Cheetos. Women who have been pregnant... they get it.
Craving #2
Burgers and Steak
I swear I have never craved red meat more in my entire life (yeah I'm sure it has something to do with my iron levels). We hardly ever ever ever eat red meat in this house. I usually just buy chicken, turkey and fish. But one day I had to have steak fajitas (!?), when we closed on our house we went out for a steak dinner, and I made prime rib for Christmas dinner... and burgers always sound good. Goal #1 for this year: Gain weight and have a healthy baby. Goal #2: Loose the baby weight.

Craving #3
 There are no smoothie shops for at least 10 miles around here. Back home in CA one was right down the street. But I have been craving these suckers like no one's business (especially in the mornings) so I have no option but to make them myself. Luckily for me, I used to work at a smoothie shop during High School so I am pretty educated at what makes a great smoothie. Husband has been enjoying the spoils of that craving as well.

Craving #4
Fresh baked bread
I have always been a carb whore. I walk down the bread aisle especially while I am at the grocery store now just to smell the carbyness. It makes it worse when someone makes toast at work.


Craving #5
Call me crazy but eggs always sound delicious. I love breakfast for dinner and it is on the menu every month. Sometimes... more than once. The other day someone at work brought eggs for breakfast, and then my boss can in with eggs too... so I ran down to the cafeteria and bought some for myself.

The only things I really can't stand (that I used to love!) so far are spinach, broccoli, and hot chocolate. I am also under the distinct impression that I am having shoe cravings. For example, the other day (and pretty continuously now) I have been obsessing about buying saltwater sandals in every color (except green... maybe it has something to do with my spinach and broccoli aversions?).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

(Boots: Macys. Socks: Target. Dress+belt: ASOS. Pearls: Gifts from hubby!)

-This little old lady at church came up to us and said, "So, I followed you home from church last week!"... and then she sat by me in relief society... creeeeepy.
-I can tell that patients at work can't tell whether I am pregnant or if I just ate a really big lunch... Oh the stares.
-I was totally unsure if baby had feet or not because at our 13 week ultrasound the tech didn't say anything about feet! (see awesome's)... I sort of started panicking last week when I finally realized that.
-Those of you who are my friends on FB already know this one.... But I totally ate my lunch the other day before 9am... and had to go to the cafeteria to get a snack at noon because I was starving (again)
-I'm pretty sure I am having shoe cravings as well as food cravings...
-When husband came home yesterday and I was trying to take a nap and he decided to lay down with me and he said, "What if we named our kid Kermit?" And I said, "Like the frog? What about Miss Piggy? Or Fonzo?" And husband said, "Who the heck is Fonzo?" And I said, "Oh is his name Fonzie?" To which husband just laughed and laughed... Oh pregnancy brain.

-We have an ultrasound machine at work. And with a combined nurse+anesthesiologist effort... we now know baby has feet :-)
-Finally bought our plane tickets home!!!
-Our good friends Shawna and Garrett are visiting next week!!!!
-My order of preggy lady pants came in the mail... Hallelujah.
-Husband finished our custom closet this week! Woohoo!
-Which also means that tomorrow is date night!

Happy Thursday my friends. And welcome to the inside (staircase) of our new house-it was just far too cold to venture outside for photos.... even with my preggy lady hot flashes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How I told the husband...

The truth of it is... we weren't planning on getting pregnant
We joked about it here and there (like when I realized I wouldn't be able to apply to PA school for another year husband said, "So, should we get you knocked up now or later?")
I am a firm believer that this little person was so sick of waiting for us to be "ready"
and that although this wasn't in our plans... it was in Heavenly Father's plan.
So I had a feeling I was pregnant days and days before I found out.
I wish I was somewhere cooler than a bathroom when I found out that this little person was coming... but I wasn't. I was in the bathroom at work (at about 10am) and as soon as the tears came there was a knock on the door from a cute little OR nurse and I asked her, "Maggie, what does 2 pink lines mean!? Does that mean yes!?" She was so cute and calm and said, "Yes, that is usually what that means."
Tears. Hugs. More Tears. I need to start a list. No, I need to go home and tell Devin.
Poor poor husband had just come off of a night shift and was at home sleeping.
I wish that I had had time to think of something cuter to do to break the news to him that he is going to be a Daddy but I was too excited to wait and be more creative.
So I took some time and went to Target (and took 2 more pee tests)
And bought a little boy onesie and a little girl onesie... and "What to Expect When You're Expecting"
And some bags, and tissue paper and wrapped them all up for husband to open.
I even got a card to write to him how much I loved him and how great of a daddy he was going to be. 
I sobbed on the way home wondering what his response to this little (ahem... ginormous) surprise would be...
I got home, arranged my gifts on the kitchen counter, and went and woke him up and told him that I had a little surprise for him. He wanted to sleep more because we were driving 8 hours to New Mexico that afternoon (I didn't know it but it would be the last time I saw his daddy). I said "Ok, you can sleep some more." And he could hear the disappointment in my voice so he got up and came into the kitchen and asked, "Are these all for me?" I said, "YES!" and started sobbing again.
He opened the first "gift" (which was my pee test, yes kind of gross but whatever it had a cap on it) and he exclaimed, "We're going to have a baby!?" And I sobbed an even harder, "YES!" And he held me and kissed me and told me he loved me and that it was a way better surprise than what he had initially thought. He opened the rest of the "gifts" and we sprang into action, calling the insurance company to set up a doctor appointment, planning how to tell our parents, and calling a real estate agent to buy our now home so baby could have a room of its own.
We told Devin's parents the very next day... nothing fancy. Devin's dad had just gotten out of the hospital and slept most of the day. I made dinner for the family and before dessert Devin said that we had some news and that they were going to be grandparents again come June. The last words Devin's daddy ever said to me was, "Congratulations." It's not huge or profound but that image of his face saying that word will always always always be with me. I'm so thankful that he knew before he left this earth that there was a baby Zufelt on it's way. 
I'm so thankful for my husband. For all he does to support our little family. I know he loves me and our baby. Each day he rubs my belly and kisses it and says "hi baby" and it is the sweetest thing ever.

Dear baby,
Even though I wasn't expecting you to come, I am so glad that you decided to join our family now. I can't wait to meet you, and I love you to the moon and back already.
Love, Mommy

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

(Shoes: DSW. Pants: Express. Button down: J Crew. Belt: Buffalo Exchange)

-My PJ shirt got caught on our back patio door's handle as I was walking away... I frantically tried to pull my shirt free so no one would see that I was A. Still in my PJ's at 2pm and B. Still stuck on the door after more than 10 seconds. Sigh.
-Seeing your horrible upstairs neighbor after you yell at him from downstairs and hit the ceiling with the broom handle... Right before you move...
-Having to get up and walk out of church because you made a mistake and went to the wrong ward...
-Going to said new ward and when they introduce you and then they want you to tell them a little bit about yourself and EVERYONE and their mother looks at you... Um Hi?
I'm Whitney and this is extremely uncomfortable.
-This lady who totally clipped her nails in the waiting room at work.
-Wearing pants the other day and coming home and telling husband that I need new pants and he says, "Why don't we just get you one of the extenders" And you proceed to show him your hairtietrickedout pants... and he says, "Oh, I see you have been extending." Yes... yes I have.
-That I still can't eat tapioca pudding... I know its not fish eyes but still it freaks me out.

-Hearing baby's heartbeat :-) best sound ever!
-Getting to go home in March!!!!
-Homemade bread.. nom nom nom
-Date nights with my handsome man!
-This whole outfit (although I don't think I will be able to wear it again) it comprised of NON maternity clothing!
-Ikea... seriously I think I am going to develop an addiction.
-My mom sent me a pack of sheer panty hose with a note that said, "For my princess." I suppose she read that article about how Kate Middleton wears them.
-TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! AND husband has it off :-)

Happy Thursday and may you eat something particularly delicious today... because my mind is usually on food I am dying for a Jamba Juice right now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I had good intentions

I really did have good intentions of taking photo's every week of my pregnancy. I got way cute ideas off of pinterest, I bought this cute shirt to cross off my weeks. I wanted to journal and savor this time while my little peanut is cooking. Whelp... yeah so I suck basically. This is the only picture I have with this cute shirt... at 11 weeks... I can't even wear those jeans anymore without doing the "hairtie trick". Goal #1 for this new year- Have a healthy baby. Goal #2- lose the baby weight ASAP. It's doable right? Right. I am dying to know what baby IS. I want to know whether or not to buy pink or blue! I am thinking blue... but who knows? I have no idea how my mom did it not knowing with her first 3 because honestly gender neutral stuff does not appeal to me. However, I have picked out the stroller I want (ok ok husband liked it too)... The BOB revolution. I'm so excited to at least have that decision out of the way... because honestly there are a lot of decision to make on baby gear. How do you pick which thing is best for you and your baby!? I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's the truth Tuesday...

(7 weeks pregnant... the last picture we took before I started looking pregnant)

The truth about the 5 pregnancy tests.
By, Whitney Zufelt
(Shoes: Nine West. Skirt and Top: J Crew. Belt: The Gap)
So now that the cat is out of the bag, I can share with you all that I did indeed take 5 pregnancy tests. Yes, 5. No, I didn't pee in a cup and... you know the rest... I literally generated enough urine for 5 pregnancy tests (not all in one day)- que any Juno quotes you care to insert here. So... the real truth is... I kind of suspected that I was pregnant a few weeks before I found out. I was dizzy, tired and super grumpy and I kept eating everything. Devin even asked me one day, "What are you so hungry?" and I said (jokingly) "Because I'm probably pregnant" hardiharhar. So on Saturday October 6th I decided to do a pregnancy test. I just happened to have one lying around. I took it... it said no. Ok... then WHY are my tampons mocking me!? Whatever. Devin found the box while taking out the trash and asked, "Um... do you have something to tell me?" Nope... it was a no! So on Friday when my monthly bill still hadn't come it was suggested to me at work that I go and snag a test that we use to test patients before surgery. My boss said, "Hey, its good enough for us to let people have surgery... plus it's free." So, I went into the bathroom and did my thing... and low and behold... 2 bright pink lines! Tears were shed, hugs were given... and I left work and went to Target and took 2 more store bought test... one that gives you lines and one that gives you a "YES" or "NO"... (I also took an extra one from work to do later if I needed to). Both tests were a yes! So, I went home and showed husband (more on that story later) and told my parents. The next day we were at Devin's parents house and before we told them I took my 5th pregnancy test and got those 2 bright pink lines... again. Sometimes I just want to take another one just because it kind of feels like a magic trick. Hey... come here and see why my pee makes this thing do! It makes 2 lines appear! But.... that would be weird... so I will just stick with my 4 "yes" tests.
And that's the truth about me and my 5 pregnancy tests.

(Trying to have a baby bump)

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's OK...

(Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Dress: ASOS Maternity. Jacket (next picture): Macy's. Headband: J Crew. Lipstick: MAC Bombshell)
Well, we did it you guys. We made it through another year. I don't know about you but 2012 was a rough year for me... But its over. We are officially moved in and we now have Internet and other fabulous accommodations that I never dreamed I would need (um, like a radio in the shower)... And so we are back!
It's OK...
-That I have taken a total of 3 photo's of my growing belly since finding out I was pregnant. I still have more than 1/2 way to go and can make up for lost time
-To feel home sick
-That my dinner last night was basically just chips and salsa
-To feel that if it's going to be so dang cold it might as well snow
-To be conflicted about whether or not I want to go back to work after baby is born even though I always swore that I would.
-To have wanderlust
-To be gaining weight! It's natural and normal... I'm custom making a human being for crying out
-That I haven't bought a single item for baby yet... waiting to find out if its a he or a she!
-That I bought a pair of shoes that husband doesn't like
-To reread The Hunger Games multiple times
-That all I really want to wear is stretchy pants
-To just want to stay in my pj's all day and watch Disney movies
I am finally starting to look like there is really a baby growing in there, and not like its a food baby from my giant lunch. As you can see, Lucy is pretty excited about that too...