Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I always wondered how I would feel if I were ever pregnant on Christmas
...I can tell you that I definitely feel tired (especially from moving stuff and cleaning every day)
I can also say that I do feel lonely- I miss my family.
Husband has to work today until 3 (he left at 5am) so its just me and Lucy holding down the fort.
But I also feel peace...
It's just so quiet around here today and I feel that everything that happened this past year has happened for a reason.
All the things lost and gained helped us grow closer together as a family even though we are far apart.
I also feel love... so so so much love.
Love for my husband and how hard he works supporting our little family
Love for my mother who sent me lots of maternity clothes because my body is growing
Love for my Savior that he came and lived and died for me and all of us
and tons of love for this new little life growing inside of me.
And overwhelming respect and gratitude for Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was so willing to do all that she could to bring the Savior into the world...
Even though it meant giving birth in a stable
Which we know smelled horrible and was magnified by her extra powerful pregnancy sniffer.
May your Christmas Day be filled with wonder and joy and magic!
 Devin, Whitney, Lucy, and Baby

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