Monday, December 3, 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We are moving 5 days before Christmas
If I had it my way we would be moving AFTER Christmas
But alas, we are buying a house (yes again- still renting our other one out)
And we close December 20th.
I am so very excited about getting OUT of this apartment
Some people are just amazing at living with people stomping above them all night
I am not one of those people.
I can't wait for peace an quiet and MORE SPACE (hallelujah)
And a place to call out own.
But since we will be moving 5 days before Christmas we are not putting up any Christmas decorations at our apartment (just to take them down and pack them all away again in a few days time).
I have been sad and mopey and whine-y this whole week about it.
So when I asked husband if we could "Please please please" just get a little fake Charlie Brown type tree to make me feel better... of course he said yes.
Since we didn't want to "dig out" all the other ornaments and we didn't want to spend too much money buying more... I headed to pinterest and found THIS TUTORIAL
And thought it would literally be perfect for my "Charlie Brown" tree.
I did a few things different... I got lazy and didn't sew on the back felt... I glued it on
And I changed Linus' face... I just thought he looked better facing front like all of his friends.
I also found out that I am TERRIBLE at embroidery (so don't look too closely)
But after months of not doing anything creative it felt good to do a cute craft...
And even husband adores it ;-)
We have decided that in future years, our Charlie Brown tree will live on our dining table at Christmas... for now this is my little peace of Christmas happiness... and I turn it on every chance I get.


Char said...

I love the Charlie Brown tree! I moved a few days before Christmas last year, so I know how you feel about wanting to decorate, but it kinda being pointless. LOL

Anyways, I just started following your blog, and I love it! I couldn't find your email but I was wondering if you would be interested in swapping buttons? My blog is

Email me at: if you are interested!

Courtney Cakes said...

I love it...

Courtney B said...

That is sad timing for a move :( But SO EXCITING to be getting into a new house! And I love your charlie brown tree! It definitely helps bring in a little holiday cheer :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think that is the cutest little tree! My mom is obsessed with charlie brown so I would love to make these!!!! Congrats on getting another home!