Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maternity Style

As of Christmas Eve I was officially 15 weeks pregnant... and I wore my maternity jeans for the first time. Judge me if you must- I did plenty of judging myself prior to becoming pregnant. I always thought that I would be the pregnant lady who was at the gym everyday and running and had tons of energy and kept her appetite in check and that all the weight I gained wouldn't be due to ice cream... Haha the joke was seriously on me. I didn't realized how EXHAUSTED I would feel all the stinkin' time. That when I got home from work all I wanted to do was take a nap. And that running would make my (sorry TMI) ever increasing breasts hurt and that all I really want to eat is toast with peanut butter and bananas and occasionally a milk shake and that SPINACH and BROCCOLI are so incredibly disgusting I gag just thinking about them.... But I digress. I am healthy and finally getting my energy back (thank goodness) and yes I do find time to workout even when I am tired... although I don't beat myself up if it isn't everyday of the week like I used to do. But let's talk about maternity style. Since we found out I was pregnant husband and I have been going into the local Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity... and I can't say I was all that impressed (or even a little impressed). Despite my every growing body and my desire to always wear sweat pants I vowed that I WOULD NOT be that mom. So I went back to those stores and tried a few things on and everything looked ridiculous. I called my mom and broke down about having to do the "hair tie trick" to button up my jeans and how I hated everything that was maternity in the stores because they didn't fit right but I didn't feel right wearing my old stuff because it was depressing when something didn't fit and what the heck was I supposed to wear!? Mom got to work. And jumped on to 2 of my new favorite sites for maternity clothing.
My mom is a lifesaver. Within the next few days a few of these beauties were on my doorstep.
Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Supersoft Ultra Skinny Jean #11
(I now have this whole outfit. But the skinny jeans are my favorite. Find them here) 
Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Spot Skater Dress With Belt
(This is Devin's favorite. It's going to look fabulous with a pair of boots! Find it here )
 Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Exclusive Stretch Top In Wide Stripe
(I love a preggo lady in stripes! Find it here )
Maternity Stripe Tunic
(Yes more stripes! Beware if you order from Topshop in the US it takes about 3 weeks to get your order so be prepared... this little baby hasn't arrived yet but I am so excited! Find it here )
 I have a feeling I am going to love all things "legging-ish"... and more power to the ladies who wear their old wardrobe their entire pregnancy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I always wondered how I would feel if I were ever pregnant on Christmas
...I can tell you that I definitely feel tired (especially from moving stuff and cleaning every day)
I can also say that I do feel lonely- I miss my family.
Husband has to work today until 3 (he left at 5am) so its just me and Lucy holding down the fort.
But I also feel peace...
It's just so quiet around here today and I feel that everything that happened this past year has happened for a reason.
All the things lost and gained helped us grow closer together as a family even though we are far apart.
I also feel love... so so so much love.
Love for my husband and how hard he works supporting our little family
Love for my mother who sent me lots of maternity clothes because my body is growing
Love for my Savior that he came and lived and died for me and all of us
and tons of love for this new little life growing inside of me.
And overwhelming respect and gratitude for Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was so willing to do all that she could to bring the Savior into the world...
Even though it meant giving birth in a stable
Which we know smelled horrible and was magnified by her extra powerful pregnancy sniffer.
May your Christmas Day be filled with wonder and joy and magic!
 Devin, Whitney, Lucy, and Baby

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4 Years and The News

Dear Husband,
Four years ago today we promised each other that we would be each other's for forever. Four years ago, the grounds of the San Diego temple were extremely wet, and my dress got filthy. But the day was gorgeous... absolutely perfect. I remember the way you looked at me when you saw me all in white... I will never forget that moment. You are the love of my whole life and I am so grateful for you. I love you more and more everyday we are together. Happy Anniversary my love.
Your wifey
Dear Friends,
We have been keeping a secret from you...

Baby Zufelt is due June 17th, 2013!
(photos taken by Cherieberry Photography )

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Until we meet again

It has been an emotional last 24 hours here at the Zufelt home
After years of fighting cancer, Devin's daddy passed away yesterday morning.
When Devin came home from work the night before, I just sort of knew.
The nurses thought that his dad had had a stroke since he couldn't feel the left side of his face
And he was down to a tiny 100 lbs... and in so so much pain.
I said a little prayer that night that when his time came that he would go quickly.
When we woke up yesterday morning I had a missed call from Devin's mom at 3am...
And we both knew.
Devin didn't even need to check his phone for the 4 missed calls... the messages confirming what we knew... Gary was gone... and no longer suffering.
Gary, we miss you so much already. You were an amazing father to Devin and a great father-in-law to me. You always made me feel welcomed and appreciated and loved. More importantly you made me feel like I was part of the family. Devin said that he wished you could have shown him how to use more of the tools in the shed, and that you guys could have had one more fishing trip together- I'm sure you wished that too. I am so grateful that I got to know you. Thank you for all you did for us. And thank you for helping to raise the man of my dreams. I know we will see you again.
Alma 22:14
 "And since man had fallen he could not merit anything of himself; but the sufferings and death of Christ atone for their sins, through faith and repentance, and so forth; and that he breaketh the bands of death, that the grave shall have no victory, and that the sting of death should be swallowed up in the hopes of glory..."
Please excuse me the rest of this week while we spend it with family.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We are moving 5 days before Christmas
If I had it my way we would be moving AFTER Christmas
But alas, we are buying a house (yes again- still renting our other one out)
And we close December 20th.
I am so very excited about getting OUT of this apartment
Some people are just amazing at living with people stomping above them all night
I am not one of those people.
I can't wait for peace an quiet and MORE SPACE (hallelujah)
And a place to call out own.
But since we will be moving 5 days before Christmas we are not putting up any Christmas decorations at our apartment (just to take them down and pack them all away again in a few days time).
I have been sad and mopey and whine-y this whole week about it.
So when I asked husband if we could "Please please please" just get a little fake Charlie Brown type tree to make me feel better... of course he said yes.
Since we didn't want to "dig out" all the other ornaments and we didn't want to spend too much money buying more... I headed to pinterest and found THIS TUTORIAL
And thought it would literally be perfect for my "Charlie Brown" tree.
I did a few things different... I got lazy and didn't sew on the back felt... I glued it on
And I changed Linus' face... I just thought he looked better facing front like all of his friends.
I also found out that I am TERRIBLE at embroidery (so don't look too closely)
But after months of not doing anything creative it felt good to do a cute craft...
And even husband adores it ;-)
We have decided that in future years, our Charlie Brown tree will live on our dining table at Christmas... for now this is my little peace of Christmas happiness... and I turn it on every chance I get.