Monday, November 26, 2012

Just words

Just words today.
I miss my family
Being here, a lot of times I feel alone
So very alone
Especially when Devin is gone at nights...
As I was flying into LAX a few weeks ago I was sick, tired and not exactly happy about having been on a plane for 2+ hours with my ear feeling like it was going to explode
And then I saw the lights on the freeway
The freeway Devin and I had driven so so many times before
And I felt this overwhelming longing for our life in California.
I missed our home
I missed the ocean
I missed my friends
and most of all I missed my mom.
I really didn't want to come back except for the fact that husband wasn't with me.
Then this past week was Thanksgiving
For the first time in my life I made Thanksgiving dinner on my own without my mom
I called her and told her that if I were at home we would be baking sweet potato pies and watching White Christmas.... after I asked multiple times how I would know when the potatoes would be ready to mash.
Mom and Dad went to Home Town Buffet for Thanksgiving and they didn't even eat turkey.
But I cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast for husband and myself
I cooked for 2 days all for 5-10 minutes of eating
And it was fabulous.
And although my mom wasn't there with us... she kind of was
I made her rolls, and her mashed potatoes... and I made her favorite chocolate peanut butter pie.
I am so very thankful for my family
For my mom who taught me to work hard and that homemade pies are always better than store bought.
For my husband who provides for us and who loves me no matter what.
For my sisters who are always there for me.
And for our little dog Lucy who finished off the turkey leftovers because there is only so much turkey you can eat.
Happy Monday my friends!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being sick sucks

I have been so sick this past week (don't worry I will spare you the details)
But really... it has been zero fun around here as husband has been sickly too
HOWEVER... Today I am leaving for California
Despite the stuffy nose that refuses to leave
Oh California how I have MISSED YOU!
And of course my mom. My mom is my very best friend
Mom and I are off to have another "Mommy and Whitney" trip
And I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see the new Carsland
Yes and will be eating a churro or two...
No I will not care about what I eat for a few days... so there
SO my friend I hope you have an awesome rest of the week
And I will be seeing you early next week!
With stories of Mickey Mouse and lots and lots of fun.