Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things I can't quite seem to master...

#1. Not getting my nail polish everywhere (literally). No matter what I do I somehow get it all over my hands.
#2. A head stand. there is just something that freaks me out about it... like my neck is going to snap in 2 or something.
#3. Using an electric can opener. I guess I am just old fashioned but electric can openers hate me.
#4. For the life of me I cannot make homemade mac n cheese... not for a lack of trying.
#5. Parallel parking. I go out of my way to avoid parallel parking. I have horrible depth perception.
#6. Not missing a spot while shaving... and its usually on my knee. Why oh why knee can't you get cleanly shaven? Its a mystery to me... not matter how many times I atempt it I have a few spots that refuse to be hairless.
#7. How to do the "cat eye" eye liner. It might just be that my eyes are too round but the more I try it the worse it looks
#8. A true blue whistle. Sure I can make sound while putting my lips together and blowing... but a for real whistle? It's just not in my genetics to do.
#9. Mowing the lawn in the correct "pattern"... It's kind of the same principle as my one spot on my knee that refuses to be hairless... although my lawn mowing skills have no particular order or pattern.
#10. Relaxing. I am the worst person at relaxing. Seriously I need assistance to relax. And I really believe there is a difference between "resting" and "relaxing"... but that's just me. Luckily yoga is helping me to empty my mind and be in the moment.
Happy Wednesday friends. I can see the weekend from here!


Meg @ BigRedClifford said...

ditto to the mac & cheese and shaving. and thank you for the headstand picture. it most likely made my day already... haha!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can never not miss a spot either. It's like I think I'll got it all and later in the day I'll find a giant spot that got missed! lol

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness. We are the exact same person. I was laughing as I scrolled through this list, because I have the same problems with all those things. I SO wish I could whistle. And have perfect eyeliner, shaving, and nail painting experiences. And I cannot for the life of me parallel park. Just ask my friends, I am INFAMOUS for my parallel parking skills (the lack thereof). Your blog is too cute!!