Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things Cinderella taught me

The last time I watched Cinderella was on VHS while snuggling my rainbow blanky inside a blanket fort my mom made me while I was sick... when I was... um... 9 maybe?
So when I heard that it was coming out of the "Disney Vault" I knew I had to have it
So husband made a special trip for me to the store and let me watch it that very night
And I realized that I learned a fair few things from Cinderella

#1. My love of dogs
Bruno is the hero and Lucifer is pure evil (not that I think all cats are evil. I had a really cute cat named Kitty only I was allergic to her)
#2. Black flats are a working staple
Other than her yellow clogs she wears outside to feed the chickens, Cindy is rocking the simple black ballet flat.
#3. Gus-Gus or Jack should always be the name of any mouse you meet
Let's be honest... who doesn't love Gus-Gus?
#4. If at first pink doesn't work out, try blue
(I also learned this from sleeping beauty)
#5. If you can't buy what you want... make it instead
Cinderella's cute little mice are the original up-cycler's
#6. Singing while you do your chores always makes a difference
How beautiful is sing sweet nightingale? I mean really.
#7. My mom was always my fairy godmother
Who always helped me get ready for dances? And most importantly, my wedding.. My mommy. And sorry fairy godmother but my mom is cuter.
#8. One pair of shoes can change your life forever
Before I ever got married I bought a little plaque that says, "One pair of shoes changed my life - Cinderella." and now my wedding shoes reside by it on display in our guest room.
So thank you Cinderella... and thank you Disney.


Tarabelle said...

Love this post: so unique, so cute!

I agree with it all!


Kayla Bainbridge said...

Very cute post Whitney!

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

love this.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I loved this post. Too cute! I love that you have your wedding shoes on display!