Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Ghosts of Halloween Past...

I never thought I would marry a man who likes to dress up for Halloween.
Most of the guys I knew thought it was lame and that it was just for kids.
Imagine my surprise when we spent our first Halloween together and Devin wanted to dress up!
We ended up running to Walmart ON Halloween to find these very very last minute costumes.
We vowed that the next year we would be more prepared. So we bought our costumes in September since we were moving in to our new home the weekend of Halloween. I remember putting away dishes in the cupboards in between trick-or-treaters.
The next year was harder to choose. I wanted to be a princess and Devin wanted to do something scary. So we comprimised and did something that was cute and scary. It's probably one of my favorites that we did because we both got to wear our costume's twice! Plus my makeup was super fun to do.
Then last year. Oh last year was the biggest. We went "all out" as far as costume's go. We made Devin's. Mine? No way. We bought mine. But the makeup, the green contacts, the giant bowtie. We vowed never to do it all again.
So this year we are going a bit more low key for Halloween. Yes we are still dressing up. We do have a bit of sewing to do... But I don't think any costume will top 2011. 

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those costumes are awesome!!! You'll have to post this years as well.