Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's the truth Tuesday

The truth about me and pencil skirts.
By, Whitney Zufelt
There once was a time where I despised the pencil skirt. To me, it was sononomos with "old lady". My grandmother wore pencil skirts. My mother wore pencil skirts. And I don't think I ever saw any of my sister's wear pencil skirts. (Granted I never wore sandals or flip flops until my senior year in high school, which tells you a ton about my fashion sense.) Then it happened. My mother took me shopping before my first semester away at college. We went to one of my favorite (back then) stores... Oh Express how I spent so much hard earned (smoothie makin') money there. My mom was absolutely convinced that I could not go away to college without a pencil skirt (or black roundtoe pumps... or a shirtwaste dress but I digress.) So, rather reluctantly I let my mom bring this hideous tweed pencil skirt into the dressing room with us. I placed in the back of my pile and persisted to try on my many other pleasing items. And then we got to it. The tweed old lady pencil skirt.
I tried it on... and something magical happened.
I no longer looked like a teenybopper... I looked like a woman
Classic, elegant... and dare I say it... timeless.
And it is a love afair that has lasted ever since.
So here's to you tweed pencil skirt
Thank you for still being in my closet
And for changing my mind for forever
And that's the truth about me and pencil skirts.
P.S. Yes I am apparently obsessing with leaving my right hand on my hip


Tarabelle said...

Isn't it amazing how a well fitting pencil skirt makes you feel? Sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Great post and great outfits!



Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

i dont remember when i started liking them - but it was a big deal when ben saw his first pencil skirt on me and he started to like them :) win :)