Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's the truth Tuesday

The TRUTH about me and Disneyland.
By: Whitney Zufelt
The thing about me and Disneyland, is that it represents happiness to me. Happy memories with my family, happy memories with my husband...
The first time I ever went to Disneyland was when I was 2
I told my mom that I wanted to go to Disneyland after finishing potty training
So we went and I peed my pants on The Haunted Mansion... classic
(my mom likes to remind me of this every time I go)
But I remember bits and pieces of that trip
I remember the mickey sweatsuit my mom had to buy me
I remember driving on autopia...
And then we didn't go back for a little while
You see when I was younger, a few bad things happened to me and my family
And they kept being brought back to remembrance until I was about 9 (having to do with my biological father... who is probably reading this post the same as you all are)
Then finally when I was 9 his parental rights got terminated
And my mom and my sister took me to Disneyland to celebrate
 My mom and I have gone back pretty much every year since...
Disneyland is full of magic if you have the attitude to see it
I mean come on... Devin and I got to be (kind of) on Modern Family there!
So judge me if you must about my Disneyland obsession (although I never plan on owning a Disney jean jacket... and I don't wear anything Disney outside of the park EVER) but Disneyland is a happy place, a place to celebrate, a place to forget the bad things that have happened in my life, and place that lets me become like a little child...
And that's the truth about me and Disneyland


Tarabelle said...

I have the same kind of relationship with DisneyWorld. My husband took me there at the beginning of our relationship when i was going through some very tough times and now we like to go back every year or two because it just is a happy place for us.


Ali Mills said...

I'm obsessed with Disneyland also! I worked there in 2010 for 8 months, my husband proposed to me there, and we're going again in January next year for my daughter Aurora's first trip! Yes, she was named after Sleeping Beauty ;) But I'm not as cool as you, I totally wear Disney attire outside Disneyland - not my ears or anything like that, just shirts ;) And my Mickey Mouse stud earrings!

Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, I teared up reading this! You deserve Disneyland, what can I say!!! :D
We all need that magical place to be! I love your post!