Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's the Truth Tuesday

The Truth about why I am afraid to have children
By, Whitney Zufelt
Once upon a time, I was a teenager. Before I drove a green chevy blazer... before I dated the quarterback of the football team... before I was caught on camera grabbing my boob (?) which is forever in the year book of 2005 (yeah all my HS friends please don't go looking that up)... before my awkward "I'm going to fasten my belt on the side so you don't see the front of my buckle" phase... I was a babysitter. And I was a dang good baby sitter (toot toot goes my own horn for a second). There never was a weekend I wasn't busy with 2 or 3 baby sitting jobs. My mom even put me into a "babysitting" class at the college she worked at. And then came "The Incident" as I now like to call it.
I got called to babysit these two cute little boys... One of them was 3... the other... probably around 6-8 weeks old. I adored this family and of course accepted without hesitation. I arrived at the appointed hour, assured the family I had everything under control, and set about to throw down my best babysitting skills. And oh what fun those boys were! Playing games, making goo goo sounds to the baby, getting my fair share of apple juice. And then... it happened. The screaming. Oh no not by the 3 year old. By the baby. No big deal right? He probably is just hungry. Nope... not hungry. Ok... maybe he needs to be changed? Nope... doesn't need to be changed. Alright... maybe he is sleepy? Who doesn't like to be rocked and sang to? Apparently this kid. Sheesh... ok... let's try making him laugh? No? No laughing? What about a nice fluffy blanket? Nada. Um... ok there is lavender lotion and a good soothing CD in the baby's room... let's try that? Nothing. So I did what any sensible person would do after 2+ hours of nonstop screaming. I called mom. By this point both baby and I are crying and the 3 year old keeps saying, "The baby is crying... you are crying." Luckily the 3 year old didn't cry at all - he was happy as a clam watching Disney movies. My mom's advice? "Whitney some babies just cry." And that was it. I was left to my own devices for 5 hours. And the baby cried the entire time. I don't remember ever being more thankful that a babysitting job was over.
That was the very last time I ever babysat.
I saw this kid and his family before moving to which his mother said to the little boy (who is now at least 8 or 9), "She used to babysit you! And you cried the entire time! Isn't that funny!?"
I suppose it is quite funny... but honestly... it was traumatizing.
What if my child is a crier!???? What if I can't make it stop crying!????
And that is the truth as to why I am afraid of having kids. 


Tarabelle said...

I had the SAME experience. I'm not kidding. I was about 15 and it was the worst night of my life. Like you i ended up crying WITH the baby pleading it to JUST STOP CRYING. The experience has stayed with me...Glad I'm not the only one! I figured maybe babies just hate me!



Sarah Lynne said...

you should always remember though.. that sometimes babies just cry because they need the familiar touch of their parent.. which of course you weren't. honestly before Adalynne I didn't really like kids because of babysitting so often.. still don't like a lot of kids.. and I get super uncomfortable when a baby cries and I'm holding them.. but it really is different with your own. When I couldn't calm down Adalynne Michael could everytime. food for thought. :)

Megan said...

My mom started keeping kids like in home daycare when I was in middle school. She had this one girl who scream cried ALL THE TIME. The only time she stopped was if she was asleep or you held her standing up. It was a crazy time. My mom was about ready to quit keeping her but she grew out of it. Lets just say that was good "birth control" for me. :)

Joey Starrs said...
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Michelle Starrs said...

Oh, it's not so bad! Yes, sometimes you get a cry-er but you figure it out. And then you get to be a mom out of the deal which is the best thing, ever. And when they are crying so much that you can't stop crying either, that's when you do the hand-off to your husband/neighbor/friend/any stranger who will take the screaming child away from you (okay, not that last one). Seriously though, if that's the only thing you are afraid of you are doing a lot better then most people!

Meg @ BigRedClifford said...

this just made me smile. you will be a great mom! and i will say, it's pretty different once it's your own... even if they do have a long night or two. ;) i say, go for it!