Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Halloween Banner

Devin has been working weekends this month... which means that I have basically been doing nothing but reading Harry Potter and taking bubble bath's when Saturday rolls around
This weekend I decided it would be different... I was going to be productive
(which means that I had every intention of finishing my Anat and Phys papers...and then ended up on pinterest instead)
I knew that I wanted to create a Halloween banner... and then I found it
The one I wanted to make- For sale on etsy (only theirs was a printable on paper)
So I went to Joann's (which was an absolute MAD HOUSE)
And made my own version
I used:
-5 different patterned fabrics
-2 colors rickrack
-1 paged printable fabric (side note: I thought this was going to be an iron on transfer. I have printed on fabric before but it took forever. This worked much nicer although I will probably use freezer paper next time)
-3 yards ribbon
-Glue gun
How I made it:
Okay... It's super simple and I'm kind of embarrassed to say it but I was way to lazy to sew any edges or make sturdier rectangles (I did, however, start out by ironing the wrinkles out of my fabric... I used starch to give them a bit more firmness) so I just made a "pattern" for the banner in paint by stretching a triangle until it was the size I wanted. Then I used Photoshop to make my circles with the letters and then transferred them to word so I could make sure they would all fit on the pages I had (the printable fabric came with 5 sheets). Once those were printed and ironed (to set the ink) I cut them out with pinking sheers. After, I used my triangle pattern to cut out the banner from the fabric. Then I just glued it all together. I used the rickrack on the plain colored triangles to give them some pizazz.
And that's it! Seriously easy but I am totally in love with it. Husband came home and exclaimed, "It's not even October yet! Did you buy that at Walmart?" Nope... I made it. And it will be October in exactly one week. 


Ashley said...

It looks fantastic!!!! What a great job you did. I need to start making my Fall banner tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Love it! I legit love everything about Fall / Halloween.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think that turned out great!