Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

(Shoes: Rocketdog. Pants: Express. Sweater and Scarf: J Crew. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

-The car we saw covered in troll heads. There was a giant one in the middle of the hood.
-The door at work that is automatic and makes you feel like you have super strength when you open it. Sometimes it takes my arm with it...
-TMI but there is only one bathroom for 10+ girls at work. I can't count how many time I have dropped my drawers just to hear someone try and open the door to which I remind myself thank goodness the lock is working!
-Static hair where it looks like you were electrocuted but you weren't... its a good look for Halloween. Unfortunately I am about a month too early.
-I freaked out the other day when I realized I needed a winter wardrobe. I texted everyone I knew who lived in the snow. What the heck do people wear when it snows that doesn't make them look like a giant snow beast!?
-When a lady at work asked me what I liked to snack on my immediate response was "goldfish and teddy grahams!"... I guess I am still in pre-school
-I have yet to wear an apron to cook... and I have 3 gorgeous ones. I just don't want them to get dirty!

-Husband and I did sunrise yoga this morning!
-Then we came home and he made us a delicious breakfast (an omelet and apple cinnamon pears!) while I was in the shower. I have the best man ever.
-My friend Shawna's letter press company GOLD SPARK PAPERIE ! They have the cutest custom cards ever.
-Speaking of pumpkins I opened my very first CAN of pumpkin this week and make pumpkin granola.
-Fall is truly in the air now.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Happy Thursday my cute friends!

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Diane's Photography said...

I love your outfit Whitney~ and I laugh everytime I read akward and awesome, I wouldn't mind having a winter wardrobe, you're going to have fun shopping!
love you