Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

(Shoes: Rocketdog. Pants: Express. Sweater and Scarf: J Crew. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

-The car we saw covered in troll heads. There was a giant one in the middle of the hood.
-The door at work that is automatic and makes you feel like you have super strength when you open it. Sometimes it takes my arm with it...
-TMI but there is only one bathroom for 10+ girls at work. I can't count how many time I have dropped my drawers just to hear someone try and open the door to which I remind myself thank goodness the lock is working!
-Static hair where it looks like you were electrocuted but you weren't... its a good look for Halloween. Unfortunately I am about a month too early.
-I freaked out the other day when I realized I needed a winter wardrobe. I texted everyone I knew who lived in the snow. What the heck do people wear when it snows that doesn't make them look like a giant snow beast!?
-When a lady at work asked me what I liked to snack on my immediate response was "goldfish and teddy grahams!"... I guess I am still in pre-school
-I have yet to wear an apron to cook... and I have 3 gorgeous ones. I just don't want them to get dirty!

-Husband and I did sunrise yoga this morning!
-Then we came home and he made us a delicious breakfast (an omelet and apple cinnamon pears!) while I was in the shower. I have the best man ever.
-My friend Shawna's letter press company GOLD SPARK PAPERIE ! They have the cutest custom cards ever.
-Speaking of pumpkins I opened my very first CAN of pumpkin this week and make pumpkin granola.
-Fall is truly in the air now.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Happy Thursday my cute friends!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Scrap Map

This project has taken me a lot longer than I thought
And it technically isn't done yet...
I still have to have Devin put the cork board behind it
And put it in a frame
And I don't think I will be adding Alaska and Hawaii to it either
Because it was a TON of work
You see, I saw all these cute little maps all over pinterest where people were recording the places they had been... and by golly I needed one too. So, off to Michaels I went to get corkboard. Then one day I was browsing pinterest... and there it was... The scrap map... And I knew I had to recreate it.
I googled printable USA maps, found one that was big enough
And went to cutting out each individual state in paper
THEN I cut then out of fabric and pinned them onto my muslin
I tried to run this sucker through my sewing machine
And quickly realized that that was a hillarious joke on me
So each little state is hand cut and hand sewn
And I offically hate all the east coast states
(not a deep hate or even a real hate... mostly a "I thought I lost you 12 times before I sewed you on" type hate)
I will say that if you try to tackle this, start on the west coast...
It will help you keep your sanity
Luckily, everytime husband would come home and I would have more done he kept telling me how much he liked it and how cute it was going to be.
Thank goodness for my cute man and that he appreciates a good craft.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's the Truth Tuesday

The Truth about why I am afraid to have children
By, Whitney Zufelt
Once upon a time, I was a teenager. Before I drove a green chevy blazer... before I dated the quarterback of the football team... before I was caught on camera grabbing my boob (?) which is forever in the year book of 2005 (yeah all my HS friends please don't go looking that up)... before my awkward "I'm going to fasten my belt on the side so you don't see the front of my buckle" phase... I was a babysitter. And I was a dang good baby sitter (toot toot goes my own horn for a second). There never was a weekend I wasn't busy with 2 or 3 baby sitting jobs. My mom even put me into a "babysitting" class at the college she worked at. And then came "The Incident" as I now like to call it.
I got called to babysit these two cute little boys... One of them was 3... the other... probably around 6-8 weeks old. I adored this family and of course accepted without hesitation. I arrived at the appointed hour, assured the family I had everything under control, and set about to throw down my best babysitting skills. And oh what fun those boys were! Playing games, making goo goo sounds to the baby, getting my fair share of apple juice. And then... it happened. The screaming. Oh no not by the 3 year old. By the baby. No big deal right? He probably is just hungry. Nope... not hungry. Ok... maybe he needs to be changed? Nope... doesn't need to be changed. Alright... maybe he is sleepy? Who doesn't like to be rocked and sang to? Apparently this kid. Sheesh... ok... let's try making him laugh? No? No laughing? What about a nice fluffy blanket? Nada. Um... ok there is lavender lotion and a good soothing CD in the baby's room... let's try that? Nothing. So I did what any sensible person would do after 2+ hours of nonstop screaming. I called mom. By this point both baby and I are crying and the 3 year old keeps saying, "The baby is crying... you are crying." Luckily the 3 year old didn't cry at all - he was happy as a clam watching Disney movies. My mom's advice? "Whitney some babies just cry." And that was it. I was left to my own devices for 5 hours. And the baby cried the entire time. I don't remember ever being more thankful that a babysitting job was over.
That was the very last time I ever babysat.
I saw this kid and his family before moving to which his mother said to the little boy (who is now at least 8 or 9), "She used to babysit you! And you cried the entire time! Isn't that funny!?"
I suppose it is quite funny... but honestly... it was traumatizing.
What if my child is a crier!???? What if I can't make it stop crying!????
And that is the truth as to why I am afraid of having kids. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Halloween Banner

Devin has been working weekends this month... which means that I have basically been doing nothing but reading Harry Potter and taking bubble bath's when Saturday rolls around
This weekend I decided it would be different... I was going to be productive
(which means that I had every intention of finishing my Anat and Phys papers...and then ended up on pinterest instead)
I knew that I wanted to create a Halloween banner... and then I found it
The one I wanted to make- For sale on etsy (only theirs was a printable on paper)
So I went to Joann's (which was an absolute MAD HOUSE)
And made my own version
I used:
-5 different patterned fabrics
-2 colors rickrack
-1 paged printable fabric (side note: I thought this was going to be an iron on transfer. I have printed on fabric before but it took forever. This worked much nicer although I will probably use freezer paper next time)
-3 yards ribbon
-Glue gun
How I made it:
Okay... It's super simple and I'm kind of embarrassed to say it but I was way to lazy to sew any edges or make sturdier rectangles (I did, however, start out by ironing the wrinkles out of my fabric... I used starch to give them a bit more firmness) so I just made a "pattern" for the banner in paint by stretching a triangle until it was the size I wanted. Then I used Photoshop to make my circles with the letters and then transferred them to word so I could make sure they would all fit on the pages I had (the printable fabric came with 5 sheets). Once those were printed and ironed (to set the ink) I cut them out with pinking sheers. After, I used my triangle pattern to cut out the banner from the fabric. Then I just glued it all together. I used the rickrack on the plain colored triangles to give them some pizazz.
And that's it! Seriously easy but I am totally in love with it. Husband came home and exclaimed, "It's not even October yet! Did you buy that at Walmart?" Nope... I made it. And it will be October in exactly one week. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lust List: Tiffany Blue

Teal, Turquoise, Blue-green
Whatever you call it... it's gorgeous
And that's a fact
Here's my list of things I am dying to own in this lovely color
 #1. Jeans - because we all need a little color on our bottom half every now and then. Find these HERE
 Skinny Floods Jeans - Roxy
#2. This dress. I have a turquoise lace dress... but the peterpan collar!? The polka dots!? Stop it. Right now. Find this dress HERE
#3. I have been seeing these gorgeous necklaces all over the place (aka all over pinterest). Want a nice colorful statement? This is your key. Find this beauty HERE
#4. Shoes! Serioulsy you can never have too many shoes. And that's the truth. These ones are calling my name. Find them HERE
#5. This top combines 2 of my most favorite things at the moment. Chevron and turquoise. If you need this as much as I do find it ON SALE HERE
Zigzag sequin tee
Ok... now that I'm dying to go shopping... Happy Friday friends!
I am going to go to yoga tonight and maybe even eat breakfast for dinner
Because I like to live life on the edge like that.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Macys. Shirt and Cardigan: J Crew. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren. Lipstick: NARS Schiap)

-That time when Devin and I went to yoga and he was the only guy (usually there are at least 5) and the instructor told us to do a pose and then said, "This is what I like to call 'the mud flap girl pose!... Oh... or "mud flap boy" I guess." Poor Devin.
-How many times I got called a "candy striper" on Tuesday when I wrote a pink and white striped dress. No sorry I actually work here for money.
-Teen Mom Farrah's cry face. Seriously I know she is sad but I can't help but laugh.
-The fact that Devin worked last weekend and when people asked me what I did I said, "Nothing." and they go "haha no really what did you do?" Um... really... I didn't do anything... Guess I need to make a list of exciting things to do while he is at work.
-I wore my sperry's to work yesterday and apparently they aren't supposed to be worn on "work carpet". I can't tell you how many times I slipped and everyone went, "Whoa are you ok?" yeah yeah yeah I'm fine its just these boat shoes that I am not wearing on a boat.
-Writing checks. Seriously I dislike it so much. I hate waiting for the other person to cash it- I go and check my bank account and I think "woohoo I have more money than I thought... oh crap... nope... just kidding... I'm broke." lame.

-I came home from work yesterday and I told husband that I really wanted to go to lululemon to get the purple chevron bag for my mat. He said that we didn't have time to go, but when I went looking for my mat before class and couldn't find it... Husband brought it out in my brand new bag :-) Love him.
-I booked my flight to California! Yay! I can't wait to see my mom.
-Yes we will be going to Disneyland while we are there.
-My rocking climbing shoes came in and they are PINK! I'm so excited
-I haven't cooked at all this week.
-Breakfast for dinner.
-Even better is bacon pancakes for breakfast (which we will be having Saturday morning)
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Thursday my friends! I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with more awesome thank awkward ;-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's the Truth Tuesday

The truth about me and accessories

There are some things you should know about me and accessories
I don't have many
(by accessories I mean rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings)
It's true... My accessory collection is extremely sparce
Honestly... I just don't WEAR jewelery all that often
Mostly I wear the same 3 things everyday
#1. Wedding/engagement rings
#2. Tiffany & Co. bow necklace
#3. Either diamond studs or Tiffany & Co. bow earrings
Want to know my inner secret?
I'm dying to have a fabulous accessory collection
I adore layered bracelts
I lust after gorgeous earrings
And I NEED this necklace....
Turquoise Bubble Statement NecklaceTurquoise Bubble Statement Necklace
The truth about me and accessories?
The truth is... I need to broaden my horizon
I need an accessory intervention.
This is my cry for accessory help. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Seeing Red

As much as I love pink, I have come to realize that I have this obsession with RED
Maybe it's the fact that it is super close to pink...
Or maybe it's just one of those classic colors that can act as a neutral
And with fall coming I just know it's going to be my go-to color!
Check out a few of my favorite ways to wear RED
#1. RED jeans! Seriously these are probably one of my favorite items in my closet. At first I was a little timid to wear them... I mean hello they are bright! But after the first time I was hooked! If you are afraid of wearing crazy colored pants pair it with simple neutrals like black and white.

#2. RED shoes! You guys know I adore these wellies. I wear them every chance I get. And I always get compliments on them. It makes me want a pair in every color! But I started with Red (its building from there).
#3. RED lipstick. Again, I was afraid to commit to a red lip... It's just so BOLD. Just try it. I promise you will love it. It just gives your look a little pizazz.
 #4. Treat RED as a neutral and add a pattern. I love this outfit so much I just might go put it on today. I like that the red looks a bit more subtle here because the eye is drawn to the pattern on top.

#5. The RED cardigan. I searched and searched and searched for a red cardigan (the perfect one at least) and my mom finally found it at Express (who knew!?) Pair it with jeans, trousers, or my favorite... a girly skirt! 
#6. The RED combo. Red lipstick, red cardigan, red shoes. Need I say more?
(As you can tell I am slightly addicted to my MAC Red lipstick seeing as how I am wearing it in almost every photo!)
What's your favorite color to wear?
Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where HAVE you been!?

Don't worry... I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth
Just been busy so it seems that way...
A few things to make note of as to what has been going on in The Zufelt household
#1. We decided what we want to be for Halloween... And no it is not a repeat costume (woohoo!)
#2. We probably won't ever be going to Elich Garden's again unless we get a season pass... their 5 "big" rides just weren't worth the money. There was (however) a cheer competition going on there that husband let me watch for a little bit ;-)
#3. I love Air Force Academy football... or just college football in general
#4. I am seriously contemplating chopping all of my hair off... because it's driving me nuts.
#5. We talked about potentially moving out of our current appartment since elephant foot upstairs isn't letting us sleep.
#6. We found THE BEST salted caramel icecream ever
#7. The "magic argan oil" hair mask doesn't work
#8. Lucy has now claimed the guest room as her own... You have been warned (if you come visit)
#9. I have decided that my wellie collection needs to be expanded by 3 colors; purple, teal, and black...
#10. The Zufelt's are in love with hot yoga! Seriously we are just a tad obsessed with it. We got a free week at this local place and we have gone almost every day. It was one of the only activities my doctor cleared me for (only walked, stationary bike riding, and yoga until October). But seriously... it is amazing.
thai budha
(this isn't me this is my sister... who is an awesome yoga instructor)
What have you all been up to? Serioulsy... I want to know!
Happy Thursday!