Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That one time I fell for a boy

(one of our first pictures togehter when we were dating)

I get a lot of flack from people about being married young...
Not so much like they are judging me... But kinda
You are only 25 and you are married!?
Yep... going on 4 years
You were 21 when you got married!?
Yep... Sure was... and I know girls who got married way younger too
Gosh you were such a baby!
{Um Hello- has anyone else read the Miley Cyrus is engaged (she is 19 folks)? P.S. Liam please don't marry her}

(My first time through the temple December 13th 2008)

To the astonishment of most people as well
They freak when I tell them I married my husband 6 months after I met him
But it is totally true... Less than 6 months in fact... more like 5ish

(Our wedding Day! San Diego LDS Temple)

Devin and I met June 30th 2008
We were engaged September 8th 2008
and we were married December 18th 2008

(Mini-honeymoon to Disneyland)

Most people have engagements longer than our entire relationship by the time we were married
Look... here's the thing... I'm not saying go and pick up a guy on the street (or at church in my case) and marry him in 6th months...
I'm just saying it worked for me

I did all the things wrong in a relationship that you aren't really supposed to do
#1. I facebook stalked my husband before I ever met him
Our church group had a FB page and he wrote on it saying he was moving to the area. In my defense he had a photo of him flying an airplane... How could I NOT be curious?
#2. I deliberately placed myself where I knew he would be
The one and only reason I agreed to go to the pancake breakfast with my mom on 4th of July
#3. I texted him first...
I honestly could not help myself. The man said he would call/text me later! And I had waited 5 hours!

So judge me if you must
But I knew he was the one... and so I didn't wait to snatch him up
And I have never ever ever ever regretted it.


Megan said...

How interesting...when you know you know! :)

"P.S. Liam please don't marry her"-haha...my thoughts EXACTLY!

Afton Brinkerhoff said...

I did all the " wrong things while dating " too. But when you know , you know. We waited a year to be engaged but we were married 4 months later.

Not by my doing either. If I had my way it would have been just as quick. So I totally understand where you're coming from!

Aly said...

I did all of those things too! I was engaged at 19 and married at 20 and I get the same reactions from people - but honestly, I couldn't be happier (and I'm certain you feel the same).

I love your blog!

Diane's Photography said...

Sweet Whitney~ when ya know it ya know it and why wait?!

I was 18 when I married my sweetheart. Met and married in 5 months! We're now going on 39 years of marriage! Just had to share :D

jaromanderica said...

I was 19 when I got married :) and our total dating time was 6 months too! (now going on 5 years) when you know, you know! I never believed that until I met my love... don't worry what people say, even if they mean well.