Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quandary Peak

I hiked my very first 14er this past weekend!
What the heck it a 14er?
Don't worry... Before I met husband I had no idea
Before him I was definitely an "indoor girl" if you catch my drift
Basically this sucker was over 14,000 feet
I won't bore you with tons of details... but enjoy the sceneary and pretend you were there with me K?

Things I learned on this trip:
#1. My dog is the best hiker in the entire world
#2. I think Met-RX bars are disgusting
#3. I will be eternally grateful that I married a boyscout
#4. I need to learn how to hunt like Katniss Everdeen- because honestly I'm useless in the woods.
#5. Always shave your legs before you leave on a hiking trip
#6. 14.000 feet is no joke
#7. Always be glad you don't hike with the dudes wearing jeans.
#8. BRING GLOVES WHIT! Duh. It was freezing up there.
#9. Not all noises in the woods are creep creatures... sometime's its just a tree.
#10. Try not to end up the ER next time.
According to the ER doc- I have a possible meniscus tear and definitely a sprain.
This hike reminded me a lot of THAT ONE TIME I hike Half Dome
And... another knee bites the dust.

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