Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

{Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Dress: Shabby Apple. Headband: J Crew. Lipstick: MAC Red}
Today is an outfit repeat day. Princess Kate does it too. 
-I had a dream that our tenants that live in our house in California turned it into an igloo. It was reassuring to get an email back from our property manager that all is well there.
-Watching Todlers and Tiaras... It's like a train wreck... I just can't tear my eyes away!
-Speaking of Todlers and Tiaras Honey Boo Boo child has her own show now
-That I'm waiting until the Olympics are over to watch Tangled... and maybe The Princess and the Frog
-Having to page people over the intercom at work. Does my voice really sound like that?
-The majority of my pins on pinterest are food... junk food.
-I haven't been to the pool here once (trust me you wouldn't either if you say the creepsters that are there most days).
-That we still get paper phone books
- I have yet to see any figs here in Colorado. I am starting to get worried.
-Devin caught a chick picking (ahem... digging) in her nose the other day at a stop light. And she caught him catching her in the act. Oops.

-Cocoa roasted almonds. How did I not know about these!?
-Vegas in T-minus 4 weeks!
-Best friend comes to town in 5 weeks!
-The olympic gymnists will be in town in 7 weeks!
-Husband packs my lunch for work :-)
-We have decided to go to Italy next year! (any tips? planning begins NOW!)
-Tomorrow is Friday!!!

Happy Friday my friends!
Another link up happening!

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Diane's Photography said...

I absolutely love your dress!!! I'm cracking up at the nose picking too haahaa! love the posts as always!