Friday, July 20, 2012

Top 5 Friday!

This week has been a week with ups and downs and a few tears... I have been having ear/jaw pain since May and luckily relief looks like it is on the horizon in the near future. So let's talk about something happier!
Here are my Top 5 things that happened this week!

#1. Going on nice long walks with husband

Since being here we have made it a nightly thing to go on a nice long walk together with Lucy. We had a particularly awesome one on Wednesday where we talked and talked and talked and kept on going. I love these little moments like this.

#2. We discovered a baby bunny

This little guy/girl live in a planter outside our apartments and its so so cute! Lucy was the first to discover it. It even made a little rabbit hole to hide in from the heat. Don't worry we gave it water and carrots and someone else donated an apple. Every time we go on a walk now we check and make sure. Devin wants to name "him" Peter. I want to name "her" Penelope.

#3. Having breakfast for dinner

For the first time ever (!?) I made homemade waffles... not from a mix. And they were awesome! No, this wasn't on our "menu" for the month but it just sounded so good so we scrubbed the grilled chicken that was planned and make these beauties. I think this should be a weekly thing.

#4. Buying things tax free on base

I have to admit that I am not a good Air Force wife. I forget protocol (like pulling over for revelry in the mornings oops) and all the stuff I am required to do (like standing up when the commander comes in the room). I blame this on the fact that we have never lived on base and we hardly ever go to base. Maybe a few times a year? And I ALWAYS forget that I can buy stuff CHEAPER and TAX FREE!!! So naturally I bought some Chanel because why wouldn't I? P.S. I also can't get over people calling me ma'am.

#5. I broke down and got a pair of Keens
They may looks dorky but I am telling you these things will help me fit in here. Husband talked me in to them. "What if we go on a water adventure!?" Everyone wears stuff like this on a daily basis (don't worry I only plan on wearing them when we go on adventures). And I have to admit... they are comfortable. At least they are better than crocks right? Plus they are pink... and yes I got them in the little girl section.

Happy Friday my friends! I will be celebrating by baking supposedly "the only chocolate chip cookie I will ever need to know how to make for the rest of my life"... we will see if it beats my Crack Cookies... Don't worry I will let you know how it goes.

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Meghan said...

Your dinner breakfast looks incredible! And Chance is my favorite scent! :)