Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sink

Have I mentioned that date nights are my favorite nights ever?
Well... they are. Luckily, Friday night we got to share our date night with our friend Lindsay!
She recommended we meet up at this place in Boulder called The Sink 

Naturally I had to look it up online before we went and wouldn't you know it...
It was on Diner's Drive-In's and Dives!
And let me tell you... this place was the bomb

From the fabulous art ALL OVER the walls
And the low ceiling that you can sign your name on...
The Sink was a giant loud delicious party.

We tried the Guy Fieri approved Buddah Basil pizza
It was to die for... it's right up there with my favorite pizza place in town

We also orded the Turkey/apple/brie burger with sweetpotato fries
And we left with left-overs and absolutely no room for dessert
Thanks so much for meeting up with us Linds! We loved it!
We will definitely be frequenting this little quirky place
After all... I did leave my own little mark there...
And someone else has probably already signed over it... Oh well!

1 comment:

McKenzie said...

The food looks amazing! What a great little spot. Seems like a great time and how cool that you left your own mark.