Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Susie Homemaker

I have just discovered Hobby Lobby... and I am in love! I have loved making this little space we have feel more like home. {I have also enjoyed using the kitchen... and the fabulous stores we have super close}
Check out some of my new favorite things from last week (home and food wise).

#1. DIY Chevron dish towel
This was my first experience making ruffles on my own and I don't think they came out too terrible! I love this little dish towel (that no one can touch so don't even think about wiping your hands on this sucker). It gives my kitchen a nice feminine touch... and let's face it... I love Chevron. The fabric here was a heavier cotton at $8.99 a yard (I only used 1/4 of a yard for this). Find the tutorial for it HERE 

 #2. New placemats + Z
I adore these place mats. We had solid black ones (and red ones) that just didn't feel right in our new dining area. We went to Crate and Barrel twice to look at these (actually 3 times... it was closed on the 4th) and we decided that we needed them. I am kind of in love with them. And when I say kind of I mean absolutely. I got the "Z" at Hobby Lobby for half off!{Fear not I have filled those candle hoders with green candles now.} Find the placemats HERE

 #3. Anthropologie hangers
Don't worry Devin has a "D" as well. I adore these little hangers. Affordable and personal. Besides who doesn't love Anthropologie? I know I do. I am dying to get their perpetual blooms bath towels next (among other things on my lust list). Find them HERE  

#4. Jalepeno popper burgers with homemade guacamole and sweetpotato fries. 
Ok... these were ridiculous! And they weren't too spicy. If you like jalepeno poppers and if you love burgers you will like these babies. I think husband has liked having me in the kitchen again! I couldn't find the recipe I used but THIS ONE looks extra naughty.

 #5 Sweet potato and Kale chicken patties with lemon zested asparagus
Don't worry we had these "burgers" a few days apart... and these little babies were so yummy and delicious (AND HEALTHY!) they are a must make again! These patties are a good way to get in your veggies if you don't love  eating veggies. Definitely on my "to make again" list. Find this recipe HERE

Not finding a job yet has had its perks... kitchen experimenting + finding cute things for our new place.
I am ok with being a Susie Homemaker.


Diane's Photography said...

Hey Susi! I am proud of your ruffles, the dish towel is adorable (I'm jealous you're near a hobby lobby) the food, the place mats, hangers and everything looks absolutley scrumptious!

Megan said...

I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!! Your stuff looks so cute!