Monday, July 23, 2012

Standley Lake

Saturday morning we had grand plans to go hiking in some new and fabulous place
Until Lucy started walking funny... and we realized that her "California dog paws" weren't handling the heat/abrasiveness of the roads here very well..

So we scrubbed our hiking adventures
Strapped Lucy into her boots anyway
And headed to the lake to walk around
...Since we don't have a boat

Yes I did wear my pink keens...
This whole little adventure made me realize that we need a boat...
Yes... It's a need.

It was blazing hot... around 100 degrees (that is like the surface of the SUN to me!)
And we wanted sooo badly to get into the water... but alas there is no swimming in Standley Lake
Unless you are wake boarding... which we will be doing next time

We still had a blast walking around the thicket around the lake
Lucy met some prairie dogs
And we saw some random sunflowers
At least we have little bodies of water here... it made me feel a bit better about missing the ocean...

P.S. Lucy kept all 4 of her boots on the entire time we were there.

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Meg {henninglove} said...

ok saw your husband's t-shirt with embry riddle, my husband has an interview there tomorrow. which campus did your husband attend?