Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Proto's Pizza

In case you didn't know... I love pizza
I love all kinds of pizza (except the microwave/boxed frozen kind)
Usually I prefer to make my own pizza (I heart Biggest Loser's sausage, pepper, goat cheese version)
But sometimes I breakdown and order domino's
But we found "mecca" in pizza land
It's called Proto's Pizza

We have been here a week and already we have eaten twice at this pizza place
It's killer
This last time we went (ahem) we got the low rider
In house made honey chipotle sauce {!?}, fresh mozzerella, Polidori bacon, pineapple and cinlantro
I also ordered a "traditional" and packed it with veggies... and maybe some Italian sausage...

They make their own tomato sauce here
And it's cooked in a brick oven
I think this will "take the cake" of pizza's until we go to Italy...
We are in love.
Promise me if you are near one you will go!? K. Cool.

Have I also mentioned the giant chess set that is here in this town?

Or that I found a pink hummer?

The person that drives this will be my new best friend.

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Diane's Photography said...

That looks like delish pizza Whitney...love your food adventures :D and the pink hummer