Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Friday Night

Husband came home from work early on Friday
I was going to make dinner but he said "Let's go out!"
Um... OK! So we headed to downtown Boulder and had a fabulous night
Watching the 3 tiered unicyclist...
Listening to cute little kids play Mozart...
Eating at The Boulder Cafe...
{Husband said, "Yes I think we will start with the warm brie"}
And finally having dessert at Haagen-Dazs
Have you TRIED their Belgian chocolate chocolate?
Promise me that you will go half-sies with the salted caramel truffle. K? K.
The rest of our weekend was spent looking for commuter cars
AND learning that Lucy is the best defensive basketball player there ever was.
Happy Tuesday my friends!


Ashley said...

I love nothing more than when my husband comes home from work early! Yay for that.

A "cheery" disposition said...

don't you love when they come home and give you the option of not cooking?!... it's my favorite thing to hear!