Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dress like a princess...

I have a slight girl crush on Kate Middleton...
I honestly cannot help myself- The girl can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to fasion
While I don't have her clothing budget I have found suitable alternatives for a few of her amazing dresses from my all-time favorite dress shop Shabby Apple 

#1. Kate's look
Shabby Apple's Yellow Days dress. The sleeves and sillouette are similar and the detail on this dress makes it more interesting. Add your favorite nude heels to make this a winner.

#2. Kate's look
Shabby Apple's Blue Eyes. I love that Kate wears polka dots! And that she dresses modestly. Add a wedge to complete the look.

#3. Kate's look

Pinned Image
Shabby Apple Rhapsody in green. The color is different than Kate's but thats OK we can't all be her BUT we can dress like her. Add a sash to this little baby and its almost as good as the original.

#4. Kate's look
Shabby Apple's Mt. Greylock I love this dress because its a fabulous neutral that you can dress up or down. To get that princess kate look pair it with your favorite sparkly heels.

#5. Kate's look

Shabby Apple's I'm Late I'm Late I adore this dress. I absolutely cannot get enough of lace and I think the dress is an amazing combo of both of Princess Kate's blue lace dresses she has worn.

Yes I know these aren't exactly like Princess Kate's dresses... I so wish they were! But they are nice affordable options...
Because we all want to look fabulous without breaking the bank!  


Elyse Alexandria said...

Found your blog through Sarah Averett's and I love it! You and your man are so darling!

And those dresses are to die for! I love Kate Middleton's style too. Thanks for finding these!!


Diane's Photography said...

I'm tellin' ya Whitney, your blog posts are magazine worthy!! This one is great!!! love the dresses


I have a girl crush on her too! I love all those outfits and all the alternatives! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!